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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Celtic Solstice, part 2 & 4 and past Block Swap

I was able to catch up with the part 2 (chevron) and finish also part 4 (four patches) before Christmas!!
Here they are...

I obviously didn't follow the instructions for the chevron :) I made my paper piecing patterns and use them to assemble the block... much much simpler!!
For the four patch I had to be pretty precise in the quarter inch seam... but I think that I pulled it off for most of them!!
If you want to check everyone progress in the challenge, click HERE.

And in the past months I forgot to share with you the blocks that I sent to my partners for the Block Swap.
Agnes asked some traditional block (not stars) and I made here the Beggar's Blocks and the Storm at Sea

And Linda asked for a log cabin with greens or purples. These are the blocks I sent her:


  1. The Celtic Solstice block is looking lovely!

  2. Your method of chevrons looks perfect! And I also love your swap blocks!

  3. I love your colors, so bright. How did you do the Chevrons, I haven't started mine and like that they were easy for you. Thanks

    1. Hi Edna, you are a no-reply blogger, so I cannot send you an email directly! :)
      But I made my chevron pattern with QuiltAssistant, a free software that I use for all my paper piecing patterns. It's very easy to use... if you don't know it and you want to design your own paper piecing patterns go and try it!! You can design simple patterns as Chevrons or more complex patterns like my Alice in Wonderland, Mickey Mouse and others patterns ;) Drop me an email if you have any question (about QA or about anything else) tweloq (at) gmail (dot com)

  4. Thanks for the info about QuiltAssistant - I've never seen it before, but I love that it can cope with metric measurements. Bonnie is the only person who can get me to use inches, and even then it is only for her mysteries. Her regular patterns I convert to proper measurements!


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