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Saturday, October 4, 2014

MOP Monday - Around The World Blog Hop

I have been tagged!
It's just great because this week I didn't have much progress to share so this tag comes at a perfect timing ;)
But remember to link up your progress at the end of this post because this is the last week of my trial linky party ;)

The wonderful person who tagged me is Susan @ TheBoredZombie.
To describe how wonderful she is I wanted to show you one of her projects, but I cannot pick just one because honestly, how can I?? There is an amazing Futurama quilt, a Pac-Man purse, an Addam's Candy Bag, pixelated quilts, Super Mario cross stitching, ... I mean, I could go on forever...
OK, I picked one, and it's my favorite just because I am a geek and geeks cannot resist to anything that have binary code on a black background!!! and in her tutorial she also provides a link to translate a secret message in binary code!! I mean, do I need to say more?!?!?!

Ok, so now a little about me :)

1. What am I working on?

A super secret event that may or may not involve one or none of the people that nominated me ;)
If everything goes as pictured in my mind, I suggest you to follow my blog in 2015 because there is going to be a lot to learn from many talented fellow bloggers!!

I am also working on encouraging people to share their crafty weekly progress with me!! So please check the linky party below and think about adding your last post there!

Oh, and did I forget to mention the 4 quilts (out of which only one top is done) that I need to get done for Xmas? And probably  a couple of bags too :) well if you want to know more, just check my previous post below! you will find a lot of pictures of my WIPs ;)

And I started some to draw some Zentagles! This may or may not be connected to the super secret event as well... in some way... maybe ;)

These are my first ever zentangles... some are nice, some are less nice but I am learning, because there are no mistakes in zentangles! :)

(Pages of my Zentangle journal. On each page, on the right there is the main pattern in "basic" shapes, while on the left there are variations in terms of color, shapes, scale, etc. I really like playing around with these!!). If you want to see more details, click the picture and you should be able to see it more closely!!

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
3. Why do I write/create what I do? 
4. How does my writing/creating process work?

Let's answer to all those questions together!
My work differs from others just because I am a big fan of some specific themes from my childhood and not everyone likes the same things! and I create patterns starting from those images/quotes and I share them all for free on this blog!
My most recent works are revolving around Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Alice in Wonderland and Stephen King.

And let me conclude by saying two things about me that maybe you don't know (but please don't sue me for those):
1. I don't like solids. I cannot work with solids, they are just "boring" to me. Not in the final piece, they may be perfect for the final look of a block, but while I am sewing, I need to see some fun prints to keep me going, otherwise I would never be able to finish a single block!
2. I don't like quilting :) ok, then my blog name looks weird right? well when I started I thought that quilting was "piecing" not "quilting-quilting" :) but now it's too late to change my blog name and maybe it will become true one day ;)

And these are my tags:

Jennifer is the reason why I started sewing!! I was looking for a pattern for a fandom pillow and I discover one of her sites (Fandom In Stitches) and paper piecing. Since then I never stopped stitching!! :) Jennifer has been creating fandom quilt patterns since 2005. She is a designer, crafter, webmistress and instructor. She is best known for her Harry Potter Paper Piecing effort, her many designs at Sewhooked and for her weekly inspirational craft vlog, Talk To Me Tuesday. She is an amazing woman, that on top of all her crafts, also coordinates many charity efforts for fans in difficult times.

Esther is an art teacher from the Netherlands and she designs very fun paper piecing patterns (that I had the chance to test once) and she is a very talented quilter! I am so jealous of her quilting skills (see my previous comment about not liking quilting ;) ).

Kristel @ wipgirl
Kristel is another great inspiration for me because she has an amazing taste in fabric, she is incredibly talented (just check the fun pouch above!! Do I need to say more??) and she also shares her progress in the Talk To Me Tuesday community. You should check out her work, because she has so many amazing projects going on!!

And finally, please remember that this is my last trial week for the linky party... and the previous 3 ones passed the test, but is it this one do it too? It's up to you!! :)

Let the game finish (trial linky party, week 4 :) )


  1. I promised that I would respond to your posts and ... I must be a geek, too. I'm a dinosaur computer programmer. I used to program in Assembler and could do addition and subtraction in base 16 with the best of them at work. I never had to read much binary code. I'm visiting my daughter and she is a high school math teacher (go figure!) and I asked her if she had ever studied bases. It was taught in "new math" when I was in junior high and that year I took Algebra I. Thanks for sharing more about yourself and your amazing projects. I'm currently working on redwork for a participation block in our guild's quilt for our 2016 show. It's red/white and going to be stunning. One of the ladies in the guild designed the quilt. I got to the meeting too late to get a piecing project and wasn't crazy about my applique to tackle that. Of course, I've ripped all I had done on the block out once and started over. Thanks to sharp scissors - I didn't bring a seam ripper.

  2. Great post.I posted mine last week.

    I`d love to add my link but there is an error to add my permalink.I wrote the title of my post but couldn´t add it.Any help?Where is the mistake?Thanks so much.

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing about yourself and your process.

  4. Yay! I'm partial to the monkey too. He was a fun project that really didn't take that long at all (compared to some of my other more lengthy ones). Thanks so much for sharing him! :)

    I don't think I've seen that Mickey Mouse. He's awesome sauce! I think I need to quit making everything else so I can make your blocks. :)

  5. Oops, I didn't know your party started on Saturday. I'll correct that on my linky party memo and join next week if you have it.

    I totally understand about your last confession. I thought quilting was piecing when I first started too. I'm not crazy about the quilting part either.

  6. My Blog Tour post goes up tomorrow! Thanks again for the nomination. :D


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