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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A tribute to Valentine: couples from my past

I have been planning to make a memory quilt for myself with all the cartoons I used to love.
I already made myself The Sword in the Stone quilt (you can see it here), but that was not the only thing I liked during my childhood!! :)

And now Valentine is here... and many of my favorite cartoons/games/anime had couples in them so what is the best way to celebrate Valentine's day? Sharing patterns of those couples with all of you!! :)

At the beginning of January I asked on the Fandom In Stitches Facebook Group a question about which one to test first because, honestly, those blocks are pretty big and complex so I wouldn't have time to test them all ;)

These were the votes (I didn't share the actual names of the couples, just hits, because mysteries are always fun):
  1. A thief and a famme fatale (18 votes)
  2. A pirate and a governor (10 votes)
  3. A detective and a thief (7 votes)
  4. A servant and a commander (3 votes)
Below you find all the patterns (the first tested) and the funny thing is that they were ranked in increasing order of complexity (which is great, because I tested the easiest one first) ! :)

1. Lupin and Fujiko
Pattern (COL, B&W)

2. Guybrush and Elaine
Pattern (COL)
3. Matthew and Sheila
Pattern (COL, B&W)
4. Andre and Lady Oscar
Pattern (COL, B&W)

I am not sure if those cartoons/games/anime were popular in US or other parts of the world... for sure they were popular in my home in the 80's :)

Looking forward to make all the other ones (plus many supporting characters).

Have a nice Valentine's day everybody!!!

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