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Sunday, April 20, 2014

MOP Monday - TWO baby quilts done!

I kind of lost my "paper piecing blocks" mojo recently... I do not seem to be motivated in testing my own blocks :( I hope my mojo will come back... but in the meantime I completed (as finished-finished-done!) not one but TWO baby quilts!! 

-- MOP: The list --
1. As You Wish - no progress
2. Celtic Solstice - DOOOOOOONE (see below)
3. Tea Towel challenge and PPV BOM - one of April's block done (see below)
4. Alice in Wonderland quilt - no progress
5. Happy Halloween wall hanging - no progress (progress last week)
6. Topolino quilt - no progress
7. B&W pillow - quilted the top, need to make the back with the zipper
8. Grocery bag - done last week (off the list!)
9. Triangle QAL - DOOOOOONE (see below)
10. Emerald wall hanging  done last week  (off the list!)

-- MOP: This week new blocks --
One of the two blocks from April PPV BOM is done!
And I received my block from Dagmar for the Block Swap Adventure: Storm at sea, loooove it!!
Celtic Solstice / Celtic Sunrise.
This is the baby quilt with two fronts ;)

Left - Celtic Solstice by Bonnie Hunter, Right - My reinterpretation of Weave, by Kathreen Ricketson.

Liked up at A Lovely Year of Finishes.

The quilting is very very imperfect... because I tried to trace the spirals but my pencil was not very easy to see on all those colors and I decided that I didn't care about precision or consistency... as long as it looked nice, it is ok even if it is imperfect.
And this is the first time I wash my quilt in the washing machine and then dry it in the dryer... I hand-washed my previous ones and dried them outside... but noooooo more... this turned perfectly wrinkly soft and it took no time or effort!!
I was thinking to bind it in a different way, or actually about not binding it at all and trying the "pillow case" method... unfortunately I just made my quilt sandwich as usual and after quilting the first spiral I remembered that I wanted to try the pillow case method... oh, well, too late for this quilt... but not too late for the other ongoing quilt... the one with triangles :)
And here is my finished Triangle baby quilt!!! I just looooove it.
I will share more pictures and more stories about it next week when I will make a post for it for the final linky of the QAL... but for now, you can see it in its full and softy beauty!!
I liked the pillowcase method... it was challenging at the beginning because I didn't realized that it could create huge puckers... and I initially panicked... but then I drank my coffee and then told myself: "if I just cover it with pins (to distribute the excess fabric uniformly) and I use my regular foot (instead of the walking foot), things may work out better". And actually they did!! no excessive puckering, just a soft fleece back with uniform quilting lines!!
And come back on Wed, because I have a very special post to thank all the wonderful people that used my patterns and shared they work with me... and there will be a new Alice in Wonderland pattern tested, fixed and officially released...
And now, link YOUR own progresses below!!
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   (A journey of thousand miles is made of single steps)!

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  1. Loving all your finishes! I'm sure your paper piecing mojo will come back, it's just vacationing while you try out new things.

  2. well done, you've achieved so much! I love your quilts, the first one is just gorgeous, so much work went into it!


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