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Thursday, July 3, 2014

College Days Blog Hop - College Math

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College Quilt Patterns

When Soma @ Whims And Fancies contacted me to join the blog hop I was really happy to do that... but as soon as she mentioned the theme of the blog hop I was just over the moon! :) I really like my college days and immediately the image of the block I wanted to design came into my mind!! Don't you love when it happens?

My block is called "College Math" and it summarize how I was able to get through college (but don't tell my mom ;) )

(College Math - College Days Blog Hop)

I also found just the perfect fabric for everything... great background fabric (from Spoonflower) with all kind of formulas and geometry drawings, the perfect bubbles for the beer, amazing greys for the coffee machine, and the perfect scrappy look for the pile of books!! I just looove it!

I must admit that the pile of books is pretty challenging... due to a imprecise stitching when putting the books together, my pile turned out too tall to fit with the rest of the block... so I actually had to get rid of a book to make it work!
This is why I decided to share with you two versions of the pattern: one with more books and one with less.

If you make this block, please send me an email! 
I love to see picture of blocks made with my patterns!! (My email is in the patterns)
Or you can share your picture in the Flickr group for the blog hop!

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I am a paper piecing addicted and I share all my patterns (mostly Disney or cartoon related) here on my blog! I have patterns to be tested (Simpsons, Alice in Wonderland, Mickey Mouse & Friends, Donald Duck & friends) and many pattern already tested and ready to be enjoyed by other great quilters!!

For any question about my patterns (or if you would like to have a block of a specific character) don't hesitate to contact me (all my contact information are available in my About page)

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  1. I too loved math still do and rarely count on a calculator for anything....your block is amazing...great detail...and the pattern? where can we find that?

  2. Oh my!!!!!!!!! Everyday I'm seeing how talented are the designers of this blog hop! Although I'm a physician, I adoooooore math and so, I adooooore your pattern too!

    1. Thanks for the nice words! This blog hop is full of wonderful patterns and I am happy that you like mine as much as I like all the other ones ;)

  3. It is such a clever block, it's perfect!! Thanks so much for making it for the blog hop :)


  4. I was a math major and still have a calc book somewhere. I have my lots of college texts. I grew up with a love of books and still have it. I love text books. Even though I was a computer programmer, analyst, tester, I sort of hate to see the digital age of books. I miss the smell of books. Thank you for the wonderful pattern. It is amazing. I wish I had a clue how to design paper piecing. It is fantastic.

  5. I just had to add another comment. After I posted about math days. I took a peek around and one of the first things I found was the QuiltStitchTest-Along. I just returned after 2+ weeks with my two grand boys in Albuquerque. The three year-old loves Mickey Mouse. So, I took him a coloring book and stickers with Disney characters as an "I love you" gift. His mom and dad brought Disney characters back from Las Vegas for him. Now, they are bath buddies. I have a quilt retreat with Laura Wasilowski in two weeks, two weeks later I'm going to England for 11 days. Then I think Mickey needs to be made and then find a home in Albuquerque. If all goes well, maybe he and his buddies will be a Christmas present instead. Thank you for generously sharing your patterns with us. I am over the moon to try my hand at this paper piecing. I only wish if all is well that I could enter even just Mickey as a little quilt in my guild quilt show - it'll be two more years and I can't wait that long to give the little guy whatever I make. I am excited! TY TY TY !!!!!

  6. This is such a fun block! Mini quilt really... I just love it! Great design! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Math wasn't my best subject, but I had stacks of books from all my classes.

  8. What an awesome wallhanging and pattern! I am making this pattern someday for my daughter's boyfriend, who just got his PhD in Math! Thanks for the pattern!! I am going to Spoonflower, too, to look over the fabrics!

  9. Thank you for sharing, I hope to get made for grand who is in college. I 'read' most of my books as autobooks. Some authors are Marie Bostwick--Somewhere between Luck and Trust, Richard Evans--Christmas List, The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kid and lots more.
    Thanks again for the pattern.


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