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Saturday, November 1, 2014

MOP Monday - VOTE, my name is...

First of all, the voting for the Bloggers Quilt Festival is now open!!!
These are my two entries, it would be great if you go in the Mini and in the Scrappy categories and give them some love ;)

And now many exciting progress from my side!!! 

-- MOP: The Xmas presents list --

1. Boxes of Rainbow (UO) - missing the label
2. Topolino quilt (MPB) - no progress
3. the Z quilt (CO) - quilted first section, sooooo excited!!! Love ;) (see below)
this is my project for Lovely Year of Finishes (Nov)
4. small pillow or table runner (VP) - no progress
5. convertible bag (IG) - no progress
6. coasters & table runner (MO) - no progress
7. something (SZ) - no progress

Extras (because if I have tons of projects to finish I need to add some extras anyway O_o):
1. the SK project - 1 block done (see below)
2. Make it Mosaic (on FiS) - DOOOOOOOOONE!! soooooo excited (see below)

(Linking up at Let's Bee Social)

-- MOP: This week new blocks --

As mentioned before, I am not going to quilt all at once a full size quilt any more!
So I decided to start my first "QAYG" project with my Z quilt. The three chinese symbols will be in the central part of the quilt, but on the top and bottom there are two "strip" sections (I will reveal all the many many hidden meaning of things once the entire quilt is out).
These are pretty narrow (12'') strips covering the entire width of the quilt... the perfect opportunity to add some text in my quilt!! Following the wonderful class by Jacquie Gering called "Creative Quilting with Your Walking Foot" I decided to "hide" messages in my quilt.
Can you see the message? I LOVE it ;)

The class called for a distance between the lines of 1/8'' however after doing the 1/4'' I decided to stop for two reasons: 1) I was tired :) 2) I didn't really wanted to make that section too stiff since this is a quilt not a wall hanging. And I think the message is still pretty readable anyway.

Looking forward to quilt some more text in the other strip section!!

"My name is Guybrush Threepwood. Prepare to die!"
OMG! When Jennifer announced this challenge on Fandom In Stitches I knew that I had to make this block!!!
I had it in my todo list for a loooooong time because this is my favorite game of ALL TIMES!!
I have spent soooooo many hours playing with it!!!
If you don't know what I am talking about, I am very sorry for you ;)
This is a super fun adventure-game called "Monkey Island". There was an entire series of games from the first wonderful one (the one where the block is taken from).
But the first was soooooo wonderfully pixelated!!! Nothing can beat that!!
So here is my block from "The Secret of Monkey Island"

The pattern will be also shared on Fandom in Stitches as part of the design challenge "Make it Mosaic"

And finally we have 1 new opening lines for my SK project.
Pet Sematary
Pattern available on "The SK project" page
Don't forget to vote in the Bloggers Quilt Festival ;)

And now, what are YOU going to link?? :)


  1. I think your "love" looks great with the 1/4 inch stitching. Can't wait to see your Z quilt all together!

  2. I loved Monkey Island and did you ever play their other game Grim Fandango - brilliant stuff! Great job on Guy!


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