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Sunday, December 14, 2014

MOP Monday - Christmas list completed!!!

The Christmas list is COMPLETE!!

-- MOP: The Xmas presents list --
1. Topolino quilt (MPB) - DOOOOONE (this is my project for Lovely Year of Finishes (Dec))
2. convertible bag (IG) - DOOOOONE (see below)

1. the SK project - no progress
2. block swap Dec - planning to work on this today!
3. Bonnie's Hunter Grand Illusion - no progress
4. Color of the Year mini - no progress

(Linking up at Let's Bee Social)

-- MOP: This week updates --
Finally my Topolino quilt is completed!! As you can see below, using a sheet set for the background (and backing) gave me a cute matching pillow case for "free"!! :)

Topolino - 60''x76''
(the light in the picture is terrible, but I don't have time to take better pictures for now... it needs to be wrapped and ready to be gifted soon ;) )

I absolutely love the look of the multi-color binding!! And I love the way in each corner one color ended up "wrapping" the corner! No math, no calculations, just luck!!

And the last Christmas present was another of those fun 4-bags-in-1
(pattern by Sarah @

I have to admit that my bag has some issues because I was not super careful in some steps so there are parts that are not perfectly centered or perfectly smooth... but considering the rush and the fact that this is my second bag ever made, I am ok with the results and I think the recipient will like it anyway!!
And the last thing that I want to share is this little project that I actually made few weeks ago with the hope that would be accepted in a magazine, but was it was not :( but this means that I could add the pattern in my Craftsy shop and I can share it with you!

The symbol itself is 10'' square (finished) and the border makes it 12'' finished, a perfect size for a traditional symbol with the modern touch of the inverted border!
I have big plans for the quilting so you will see more of this!!

And now, what are YOU going to link?? :)


  1. I wish you the best for the next year! Thank you for your work!

  2. I like it, like it, like it! Your christmas projects are very good. It's really only the 2nd bag? Wow, I wouldn't have thought this!

  3. ♥ ♥ ♥ it all, now is it too early to add my name to your next years Christmas list ahahahhaahha :)

  4. Great job on finishing your Christmas sewing. I'm hoping to join you tonight! ;) Your Yin and Yang block is fantastic! Nice work!


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