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Saturday, May 28, 2016

A new obsession: pillow cases (and a link party)

Back in productive mode, with a new obsession...

The Ongoing Project List:
  1. Play with Me QAL - June block ready and QAYG assembly started!
  2. WGACA projects (changed projects)
    1. Charity Quilts for DC General Homeless Shelter project - three pillow cases done (+ 4 labels) (see below)!!
    2. SECRET quilt for exhibit - (FDJ) 2 more blocks done (cannot share)
    3. Minion QAL - Girl Minion done (see below)
  3. Mirror Mirror Afghan - no progress
  4. Hello Block Swap - received May blocks! (see below)
  5. American Quilt (previous known as Americana QAL) - shipped to the quilter!
  6. Splendid Sampler - no progress
  7. Challenge quilt - I change the challenge I will probably join... but still considering
  8. Road Home Row-A-Long - no progress
The EverythingElse List:
  1. 70273 Project - heard back... will make few more blocks
  2. Jane T - no progress
  3. The SK project - no progress
  4. the 31000 Xs project - no progress
  5. Spirit cross stitch project - no progress
  6. Alice in Wonderland quilt - no progress
  7. As You Wish -  no progress
  8. Crazy optical illusion - no progress
  9. Memory quilt 2 - no progress
  10. Gyleen's BCP Mystery QAL - no progress
I am working on charity quilts to help the kids in the DC General Homeless Shelter. 
I decided to make a matching pillow case for each quilt.
3 new hot dog pillow cases: tutorial by Jennifer @ sewhooked

The tutorial is sooooooooo easy and fast... that I couldn't stop to one pillow case per quilt... I am making some extras because they are so fun!
I have seen this tutorial and pillow cases a lot, but I've always thought: "well, it's just a pillow case, I have pillow cases so I don't need more"... well... I realized that store bought pillow cases are just boring and now I want to turn my entire stash into pillowcases for me!! :) :) I won't do it, but expect to see some fun Tula and other colorful pillow cases for me here in the next future! :) :)

I also embroidered four labels so that they are ready to be added to the quilts after quilting!! :)

The other only thing I can share is another Minion

I also designed my final quilt. I will have some alternative blocks and a different overall design... stay tuned for more.

And finally I received the two blocks from my Hello Block Swap partners (Amy and Audrey).
Aren't they amazing?!?!?
My dresden and log cabin patterns available on this page

How about you? What are YOU up to?
Link it here and share it with me!!

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  1. If sewing pillow cases is yout worst obsession, then congrats!! The blocks look beautiful as always!! Have a nice weekend.


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