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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Curved piecing and Minions (and a link party)

So many projects in my mind, very few down on fabric :) 

The Ongoing Project List:
  1. Play with Me QAL - August pattern released (see below)
  2. Charity Quilts for DC General Homeless Shelter project - new top started (see 3.)
  3. Summer Solstice QAL - I am catching up! (see below)
  4. Minion QAL - all blocks quilted and joined (see below)
    1. Mirror Mirror Afghan - no progress
    2. Hello Block Swap - blocks for my August partner done (see below) 
    3. Splendid Sampler - no progress
    4. Road Home Row-A-Long - no progress on finishing my piece
    The EverythingElse List:
    1. 70273 Project - no progress
    2. Jane T - no progress
    3. The SK project - no progress
    4. the 31000 Xs project - no progress
    5. Spirit cross stitch project - no progress
    6. Alice in Wonderland quilt - no progress
    7. As You Wish -  no progress
    8. Crazy optical illusion - no progress
    9. Memory quilt 2 - no progress
    10. Gyleen's BCP Mystery QAL - no progress
    Seriously... last week I mentioned 5 reasons why I love Melissa's (HappyQuilting) QAL... let's add another one: it is so easy to catch up!!

    With her easy and clear instructions it took me just 3 nights to make all the Flying Geese and all the Drunkard Path blocks!!
    Some are perfect, like painted by Giotto... other are less perfect, like painted by Giotto's 1 year old son moderately drunk ;) but I really enjoyed the process, especially because I alternated FG and DP construction so I wouldn't get bored or frustrated. By the end of the process, I think I am a pro at curved piecing (especially considering that I am not precise cutting the pieces).

    Since I caught up with all the FG, I wanted to see how all the pieces look on my design floor :)

     (mising some 3'' squares, but everything else looks great!)

    Making this project I learned a fantastic lesson: when we use the "no waste or little waste" methods (for either HST, FG or DP) directional fabric and stripes are tricky because pieces will go in opposite directions. However... if you mix the stripes with gingham fabric and polka dots, the "misaligned" lines won't be so striking and they will blend right in with the rest (or at least that what my eyes thinks :) ). Also mixing the scale probably helps.

    I am looking forward to the assembly direction because it was quite challenging to arrange those pieces without the clear instructions that Melissa always has!! :)

    By chance, the August board for my Play with Me QAL is also featuring curved piecing! However the pieces here are much much bigger so they are easier to stitch (and they are also fewer ;) ).

    If you are interested in learning more about the QAL, you can read everything on the Play with Me QAL official page!

    I made two blocks from my August's partner for the  Hello Block Swap.

    Finally I finished quilting around each character!

    Now I just need to add a border and I will be done. I took the quilt to the quilt shop to pick the perfect fabric. A lady saw the quilt and said "oh, this is so cute, a little kid will be so happy to have it!" and then she corrected herself "oh, well, maybe this is for a teenager"... well... the last time I was called a "teenager" was about 20 years ago ;)
    Minions are for all ages!! :)
    P.S. I am finishing up the pattern for the "tower of minions" block and tonight I will submit it to Fandom in Stitches, so it will be available soon for others to enjoy!! :)
    How about you? What are YOU up to?
    Link it here and share it with me!!


    1. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!! So fun to see your blocks all coming together!!!! Fantastic job on finishing up your curved piecing and flying geese. And they look wonderful ;) I just can't wait to see this all come together!! Great job!!!

    2. Everything is looking wonderful! Good idea to mix dots with the stripes so misalignment doesn't stand out. Thanks for sharing this on Midweek Makers


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