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Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Place That Sends You Mad (and a link party)

This is the accurate description of my last months... and I am not sure at which minute I am right now... I hope to be toward the end but I am not very confident about that :)

Will I be able to keep doing what I am doing? Only time will tell...
Cross your fingers for me!! :)

Of course not a single minute for crafting this week :( but I will be happy to see all your fantastic projects!


  1. Wow it is weird to see Les 12 travaux d'Asterix in english lol. One of my favorite

  2. Oh I miss asterix and without even clicking on the youtube, I know EXACTLY what clip it is and it's my favorite and I've tried to explain it to my kids before- btw I knew asterix in Danish ;) but is it french or belgian or dutch? not really known in the US


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