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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Threads of Resistance 3 (and a link party)

Third entry for the exhibit... and a lot of secret progress too

The Ongoing Project List:
  1. Growing Up QAL - new blocks coming out on Monday! (cannot share)
  2. Splendid Sampler - finished all "filler" blocks (see below)
  3. Charity quilts - no progress
  4. SK project - designed two blocks, ready to stitch
  5. Molli Sparkle's "The Honey Pot Bee" - paused until May
  6. En Provence QAL - no progress
  7. Journaling into my Quilter's Planner - report on my journey on Monday!
  8. 70273 Project - 4 blocks done (see below)
  9. Book binding - no progress
  10. Twilters! Bee - paused until May
  11. 2017 Pantone Quilt Challenge: entries will be open from May 19 to May 29. My piece is ready since January :)
  12. Threads of Resistance exhibit: project 3 done

More blocks for the 70273 Project. If you are curious to see some of the beautiful quilts made with all these blocks check out this Pinterest board!

Finally the piece that I had in my mind since I heard about the Threads of Resistance exhibit

 23'' x 20''

Scientific discoveries and technology advances won't be stopped by a wall. 
Diseases and death won't be stopped by a wall either.
Scientists and innovators have been left scrambling for their own fate with new immigration policies and closed borders laws. Scientists are forced to leave U.S. and start from scratch their research in foreign welcoming countries: this will set back humanity discoveries path years and decades.
Will scientists find the cure for cancer and other deadly diseases? Sure...
Will it be soon enough to save your loved ones? Probably not. 

* Final note...
I expressed similar ideas before, and I received an aggressive comment that read something like 
"the wall and immigration laws are there only to keep drug dealers and criminals out of this country. If you are not a criminal immigrant, you will be fine"
This mindset is dangerous and absolutely wrong.
... Dangerous... because it shows how the rhetoric of few people is just repeated with blindfolds, without the interest of checking if what some media say is actually true
... Wrong... because while some big plans (like the wall) are making their way to the media, many many other changes happen in the policies and those changes affect EVERY SINGLE immigrant, independently from their criminal status... I pay taxes (I can share my tax returns if interested), I support US economy, I never broke the law, I contribute to cancer research... despite all that, in few months I may be kicked out of this country. This is simple reality. If you want to know more because you are really curious about the issues, don't hesitate to contact me! I am always happy to discuss the truth.

Thanks to my monthly goal of completing the fillers block for my version of the Splendid Sampler, I completed my last 15 blocks! I completed a total of 33 filler blocks!! (goal setting, link 4)

Since this monthly goal has been so successfull for this project, I set my May goal to be the same project: now I want to complete the Splendid Sampler top! All assembled ready to quilted by the end of May... let's do that!!

How about you? What are YOU up to?
Link it here and share it with me!!


  1. I finished the binding last night - quilt is now ready to wash

  2. I love your statement piece !!!! First thing when I wake up is looking at twitter to see if WWIII started while I was sleeping. I am scared and I am not even living in the US. I am scared for those that may lose health insurance and I don't know them. I am just so freaking scared and feel helpless to do anything.

  3. I like your wall quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  4. Alida, stay strong! While there are so many ignorant people in the world, hopefully they won't ruin the world for the rest of us

  5. I give you a ton of credit for expressing your views so creatively in your work, as this is another great piece. It's unfortunate that there's hate mail. I live by the adage that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Thank you for sharing it on Midweek Makers


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