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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Art with Fabric blog hop - Spring 2018 - DAY 3

Every quilted project is a unique piece of art, full of love, creativity and inspiration.

However, have you ever thought about how "traditional" art could be reinterpreted in a quilted piece?
(by "traditional" I mean anything that a non-quilter will label as art, like paintings, drawings, sculptures, architecture from all countries and all time periods).

To explore the endless possibilities of art-inspired quilted pieces I decided to organize another edition of this Blog Hop!

This edition has a special theme...


This theme can be interpreted in several ways:

  • (where it came from) the concept from Joseph Albers, who highlights how two graphic elements positioned close to each other may create additional graphical elements and active negative space... as quilters, we all know about the power of negative space and secondary designs, right?
  • (family/society): because humans together are greater than the sum of individuals
  • (math/science/alternative facts): interpreting it more literally, that may be a mathematical inaccurate statement :)
  • (absurdities/inconsistencies/optical illusions): playing with the absurdity of the statement in broader terms, the theme can inspire you to look for inconsistencies or optical illusions anywhere!

Very talented quilters are going to take us through a journey with this theme...

DAY 3. Here are today's amazing pieces!
"Coneflower Trio" by Julie
Inspired by the work of Marni Maree
"Tu-Na Gothic" by Karen
Inspired by the work of Grant Wood
"Sundance" by Wendy
Inspired by the work of Clare Youngs

Make sure to click on each picture and visit the blogs because these wonderful artists shared their story, inspiration and useful tips that can help you create your own beautiful art pieces!


  1. Thank you for hosting this hop and highlighting my piece, "Tu-Na Gothic" on this post. There are so many delightful pieces this round of the hop. Some of which I wouldn't mind making myself and some that I wish I would have thought of in the first place.

  2. Love this hop...thank you so much for hosting!


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