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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Disney Mystery Quilt - Block 4


Here we are with Block number 4 of the Mystery Quilt.

If you have any other question, don't hesitate to ask... I may not be able to answer, but I will do my best to find a reasonable answer :)

The Fourth Block of the Quilt is The Squirrels.

You can find the pattern in the Free Patterns section.

Have fun, and post a comment below for any question/advice/comment!
As you may have noticed, there is a brown border peeking in the picture... because I started putting together my quilt top already!! Hurray!! :) :)
Since I am not very precise in cutting/sewing I ended up with blocks of different sizes... not much but still would have been clear if I decided to put the blocks next to each other directly... and also with regular sashing I thought... so I decided to go with a wonky sashing (which I looove) :)
Here is the project (very messy sketch but it's my first one so I guess it is understandable ;))

Next to the sketch you can see how I arranged blocks 2 and 4 (top) and 1 and 3 (bottom)... the other blocks are blurry because I don't want to reveal the mystery yet :)

About the future blocks, I decided that once my quilt top is completed (still missing to piece one block, to add the embroidery to many of them and to finish the wonky sashing) I will reveal the mystery... and I will list the blocks and the order in which I planned to release them. If someone wants a specific block to be released before the designed deadline, s/he can drop me a comment or an email and I can see if I can accommodate the request. I think that there will still be a block every two weeks (because it takes some time to fix the patterns and prepare the pdfs) but if someone is so exited about trying some blocks, I will do my best to help!

As usual any comment is welcome!

And if you tried any of the blocks, please leave me a comment below, or send me a picture of the block or publish the block on the FiS Flickr Group (or all of them :) ). I would love to see your work!!

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