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Sunday, August 25, 2013

A funny witch and selvage heaven :)


Here we are with Block number 9 of the Mystery Quilt.

If you have any other question, don't hesitate to ask... I may not be able to answer, but I will do my best to find a reasonable answer :)

The Nineth Block of the Quilt is Madam Mim.

You can find the pattern in the Free Patterns section.

Have fun, and post a comment below for any question/advice/comment!
And if you tried any of the blocks, please leave me a comment below, or send me a picture of the block or publish the block on the FiS Flickr Group (or all of them :) ). I would love to see your work!!

And on a different topic, do you remember the Selvage-for-Blog swap that I mentioned few times in past posts? I thought about this swap because this was the status of my selvage collection:

Melissa was so kind to tell me that she had some selvages for me and when her package came... ooooh myyyyy gooooooddddneeees :) I was super-surprised... there were soooooo many selvages... of many different sizes, with many colors, and wow... I was in selvage heaven... this is my selvage collection now :)

And you cannot even see them all because they are hanging on top of each other!! :) isn't that amazing?? I just love them all :) and I will soon start putting them together... stay tuned to see my selvage blocks updates :)


  1. She is absolutely perfect, her italian name is Maga magò. I think this was one of my favorite disney movies.
    I hope to find time to stitch them, but I admit I would choose more traditional fabrics so the design stands out more, your choice is fun but I think it makes details really difficult to see and you loose focus on the picture.
    Anyhow it's brilliant!!

  2. Thanks! And I think that her italian name is much more "her" than the english name ;) for once the translation helped the character :)

    And you are absolutely right about the fabric!!! This was actually one of the first paper piecing blocks I pieced in my life... so I thought that the fabric was really "maga mago'" style... but at the end the contrast didn't work so well... I thought a lot about redoing it with different fabric, but then I decided to leave her like that :) but I learned the lesson for following blocks :)


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