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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A King, a cardinal and two yellow guys

Also this weekend 3 patterns are going to be released! Hurray!!

First Block number 8 of my Disney Mystery Quilt


The Eight Block of the Quilt is The Future King.

You can find the pattern in the Free Patterns section.

Have fun, and post a comment below for any question/advice/comment!
And if you tried any of the blocks, please leave me a comment below, or send me a picture of the block or publish the block on the FiS Flickr Group (or all of them :) ). I would love to see your work!!

Then Minion 1 have been tested by HerbMyst (thank you so much!!) and now is ready to be officially released!

You can find the pattern in the Free Patterns section.

Have fun, and post a comment below for any question/advice/comment!

And since a Minion cannot be alone, here is his tall friend
(need to be TESTED... so it's not the official release,
but if someone wants to try, you can download the pattern here).
UPDATE: the pattern has been tested and fixed
and it can be found in the Free Patterns page.

And this weekend I also pieced this cute guy

This is from a FiS designer (liljabs) and you can find the pattern in the FiS/Sports section.
The pattern is for a 10'' square but for mysterious reasons when I printed it (gazillion of months ago) I reduced to 60% and I have no idea why... that was not a great idea on a such detailed pattern... there were very very small pieces and this is the reason why the area around the eye is white: in the printed pattern I didn't realize that was grey and once it was done I didn't have the courage to rip those tiny itsy bitsy pieces of fabric on itsy bitsy pieces of paper :) So I figured that it will be a special and unique cardinal :) and I actually love that pattern, so thank you liljabs for such a nice pattern!!


  1. Your minion block is super cute!

    Love the bird - well done on teeny piecing too - it turned out beautifully!

  2. Love the minions and the cardinal is pretty!!

  3. Your minions are so cute.
    I love your cardinal. He came out so pretty despite the tiny stitches. This is my state bird and we have lots of them in the back yard. Would love to make one. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately when I clicked on the words under the cardinal at Fandom all I got was "Word Press 404-File not found" Is it me?

  4. Hi Lori.
    That's true, I just found that there is a problem in the link on the FiS page.
    Go to this page (Hey hey bird) and click the words "St. Louis Cardinals" and you should get the pdf. I will tell Jennifer about the problem in the link but that's how I found the pdf ;)

  5. I'm going to try that minion this weekend!

  6. I started to make the minion today and find that you need to straighten the line between D4 and D5, then you can eliminate the need to make D6 as a separate piece (D5 +D6 is one piece). You might want to check the numbering on the I piece - I started with I2 + I4, then added I1,I3 and finished with I5. That's as far as I got and I do love your pattern. I don't mean to be critical, just helpful.

    1. Thanks, I already fixed the pattern and it is scheduled to appear tomorrow :)
      Thanks for your feedback and I am looking forward to see pictures of your finished block!! :)


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