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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quilt and Stitch Test-ALong (38 new Disney Patterns)

And now it's time for the big reveal!
Let's start with the two quilt layouts!

So yes, I guess you got that the themes of the two quilts are
1. Alice in Wonderland
2. Duck Tales/Mickey Mouse

For an explanation of the design choices and all the blocks, please click (NOT NOW, read the rest of this post first ;)) the Test-ALong page.
There you will find details about my inspiration, and PDF for each block.

Since it's a Test-A-Long, I just saved the PDF straight out of Quilt Assistant with any further editing.
I generated two versions: with and without color indicators. I usually like to work with color indicators in order not to get confused, but on small pieces those colored squares can cover the actual pieces! So if you prefer to work with the plain one, you have the file do be able to do that.

Since I didn't do any editing in the files, I didn't add embroidery details either.
I included in the pattern the image that the block is supposed to reproduce, so you can add the embroidery details using that as reference.

And now the fun part: Linky party and PRIZES :)

All the details for the Linky party are in the Test-A-Long page, but in a nutshell, every month I will randomly pick a winner between the blocks that are submitted to the link party. Each block you make will count as a single entry. I also plan to organize little parades on this main page, to show the submitted work (but nothing officially scheduled for that).

Since it's a Test-A-Long, it means that the pattern may contains errors or may need some tweaking. Please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know the problems. My email address is in each pattern. I will post here any update/correction to let everybody have the updated version.

And as a last word before leaving you to the TAL page, please DON'T BE SCARED if some blocks seems complex...
It's just an illusion :)
I mean, they contain small and/or many pieces but this does not mean that they are difficult to make!
You have to believe that, since it comes from a person that didn't even know what a sewing machine was one year ago!! (see my warnings and advises in the Test-ALong page ;))

Here is the first block that I tested:

I hope many of you will join me in this TAL!
And that you will help me spread the word in the world :) Grab my button! :)


  1. I am very much looking forward to this! Because I definitely needed another project on my list. ;) But it does sound like an awful lot of fun. I'm going to do the Alice in Wonderland TAL.

    1. Glad to hear that you will join me! Yes, I think it's going to be fun to do this project together!! :)

  2. So I swear I commented on here, but my comment doesn't seem to exist. My daughter say the Alice tester and fell in love! So I wanted to let you know that I'm going to try to join in, but since I have a bunch of other projects going on and have never paper pieced you may be done testing before I have any thing to show. :D


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