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Saturday, March 29, 2014

MOP Monday - 4 extra projects started!

I need to update the list of projects that I am dealing with right now because that's the only way I will finish them soon and go back to the sweet six :)
In a future post I will share with you the lessons I learned about how to organize my project and keep up with them so that they don't become UFO for too long or they don't get abandoned... but that's for another week :)

-- MOP: The list --
1. As You Wish - Done Vizzini Embroidery block (see below)
2. Celtic Solstice - 3/4 of the back is done! only one section left... probably will share next week
3. Tea Towel challenge and PPV BOM - waiting for next month pattern
4. Alice in Wonderland quilt - no progress (progress last week)
5. Happy Halloween wall hanging - done new block that was not planned (see below)
6. Topolino quilt - half way in a Donald Duck block... hope to share it next week
7. B&W pillow - printed, cut, colored the pattern pieces
8. Grocery bag - cut the fabric
9. Triangle QAL - cut half of the triangles
10. Emerald wall hanging - top done, missing everything else

-- MOP: This week new blocks --
I also traced Fezzik quote already. I am behind with the PP blocks for the As You Wish quilt...
because I have already so many other "sewing" project that I need something different sometimes... so embroidery is perfect for that!! But I will make the PP blocks too soon because I am almost done with the quotes ;)
I designed this block because of the current weather here in Virginia :)
The weather keeps changing (one day is sunny spring, one day is snowy winter), so I keep saying my favorite quote "It can't rain all the time" (which is from The Crow) and I usually add "but it can keep snowing ;)"
Anyway, this is the block!
The pattern is available in my Free patterns page.
It has the quote (in italian "Non puo' piovere per sempre") in the lower right part (close up)
I didn't want too much contrast but I think it's still readable.
B&W pillow: it's going to be a new fandom pattern... but not ready to share what just yet ;)
The only thing that I can tell you is that is in the "Requests" list over at Fandom in Stitches...
I can also tell you that the pillow is a present for my landlord...
it's something about a tv series that she likes a lot... ok, I already revealed too much!! ;)
I saw the Triangle QAL @ sassyquilter and initially I thought "Great! I hate triangles! finally a QAL that I can just watch without being involved since I already have many projects going on".
A week later I won a triangle ruler that is exactly the size used in the QAL, a friend told me that she is pregnant and then I went through my stash and found pieces of fabric that is perfect for a baby quilt and that I set aside because it couldn't be used for any of my current projects...
Ok, I've got the message from the Universe ;) I will participate to the Triangle QAL, then!! :)
This is my assignment for this week.
I decided to cut only about half of the triangles I need because I want to start sewing them together before committing to the full cutting!!
And as a final note, my partner for the Block Swap adventure received her cat block, so I can share it here with you.
The pattern was part of a Halloween blog hop in 2012, it was designed by Lynn and you can find it at Thimblemouse & spouse. I changed the pattern a little bit to accommodate the request of a purple background :)


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  1. Love Snoopy sitting right in the middle of that triangle!! :) I can't imagine that many projects going on at once. . . I'd probably sit here and look at them trying to decide what to do next and get nothing done!! :)

  2. Wonderful projects! I especially love The Crow!

  3. Awww....I'm so glad my little halloween cat was something you could did a great job...the purple is WONDERFUL...lucky friend! Thanks for the shout-out my dear...I love it when an idea is shared...better yet...when I see it 'done'...happy dance!


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