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Sunday, March 16, 2014

MOP Monday - Topolino and Minnie

It has been a crazy week! A lot of blocks done for "side projects" like Pi day, St. Patrick's day or the Radiant Orchid Pantone quilt challenge! If you are interested in those you can check my previous post

But I also had some progress on my usual list and here they are! 

-- MOP: The list --

1. As You Wish - A future paper pieced block done... but I cannot show it today :)
2. Celtic Solstice - 1/4 of the back is done... not ready to show that either yet :)
3. Tea Towel challenge and PPV BOM - no progress (progress last week)
4. Alice in Wonderland quilt - Printed next pattern and picked the fabric
5. Happy Halloween wall hanging - Finished the 4th block inspired by Melissa's QAL (progress already shared in a previous blog post)
6. Topolino quilt - Topolino (Mickey Mouse) done, and Minnie has been tested by Lois (see below for both patterns)

-- MOP: This week new blocks --
The pattern has been tested and fixed and is now available in the Quilt&Stitch-TestAlong page.

And Mickey Mouse sweet lady has been tested by Lois, doesn't her block look super-sweet??
The pattern for Minnie has been fixed and is now available in the Quilt&Stitch-TestAlong page.

And now, link YOUR own progresses below!!
Rules for the linky party:
1. You can link finished projects or WIP at any stage! Every step is worth sharing
   (A journey of thousand miles is made of single steps)!

2. Link to your specific post to make it easier for others to read about your progress!
3. Spread the word and post my button or a text link (code for the button on the side bar)
4. Comment on other links!! It's always good to support each other every step of the way!! :)


  1. thanks tweloq for including my minnie in your blog, and guess what i have another one to make for a small child as well, that's how lovely your designs are. lois

    1. Thank you Lois for testing it... and for using them again for more projects :)
      I love to see them come to life in fabric!! :)

  2. Embarrassingly I was a bit smitten by Micky as a kid! Then recently my husband and I were playing Kingdom Hearts together. Your blocks put a smile on my face. Great patterns :)


  3. What sweet blocks!! Thanks for sharing! Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  4. gosh every where i go today - fis, tweloq and here my minnie mouse iylah pillow appears, thank you aida, i'm just about to start a red one

  5. Your patterns are great and I've already planned to paper piece the Charlie Brown you have posted. I'll post a pick when I get it done. Thanks so much.
    - Followed your link from My quilt infatuation-


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