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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SYS 2015 - Foundation Paper Piecing - Get the party started!

Last week the wonderful Janeen shared her block and a very helpful tutorial for a fun Fandom block: Syndrome from the Incredibles!
You can find the pattern and the tutorial on the SYS2015 page!

This is my block!

Pattern by Janeen @ quiltartdesign, for the SYS 2015 series.

These are the lessons I learned from this project:
- I don't like working with pinks (or light solids in general) because they cause a translucent effect that make the seam on the other side see through the block. However I think that the problem is only "temporary" because when you quilt it on white batting, the translucent effect is much much less visible... but it's something I am going to consider for the future! Using pink scraps however was perfect as the color of the month for Feb at RSC15 is pink ;) (linking up at Oh, Scrap!).
- I should remember to join sections together putting the piece with more seams on top... the side of the mouth ended up inside the seam the first time and it's quite skinny still... I should be more careful if I want better results. Again, not a big problem, but a valuable lesson!! :)
- batiks are great for the hair! They give a very interesting effect without too much effort! I already used this lesson in a block that you will see in few days... the final result it's just wonderful!! :)

I already have biiiiig plans in motion about how to use this block: because remember, the goal of SYS2015 is to use these skills to make Finished Objects... and even if the pillow Janeen proposes as finish is great, my sewing space needs another object that this block will be perfect for... more details about it next week ;)

And what are YOU making? Let's get the party started!!

Remember that in this link party only projects belonging to the SYS2015 series should be added 
(I reserve the right to delete any non compliant link). 
This link party will be open all year long and you can add as many finished projects as you want! 
The same link party will be shown on the SYS2015 page.
Each link will give you a chance to win one of the monthly prizes.

For this month in order to be eligible for prizes, you are asked to make the main project (Syndrome block in this case). For additional entries, you can link others blocks made from the "other resources" links, but those must be finished objects, not just pieced blocks. Pillows, quilts, table runners, coasters, etc. Each type of additional object will count as one additional entries: so if you make 10 different coasters they will count as one entry for the prize.
So basically:
1. Syndrome block (one mandatory entry)
2. Syndrome finished pillow/object (one optional entry)
3. Any other finished object with a FPP blocks (one entry for each kind of object)

This month the prize is offered by Janeen and is one of her e-books of your choice! These wonderful collections contain from 10 to 16 patterns of a certain theme of blocks: there are animals, stars, Christmas, Halloween, etc.!
I will draw a random winner on March 4th between all the entries in the link party. Janeen will then email the PDF after the winner pick the pattern collection she or he likes!


  1. Wow. That looks like an incredible amount of work! Good for you - I don't know if I'll ever take on a project like that. Truly - kudos - the block looks amazing!

  2. It does look like a whole lot of work. Like Ann I don't think I'd take on a project like that either. Koodos to you for doing so.

  3. This (Syndrome) is one that I have not yet gotten to trying--there are several of the other Incredible figures I've tried to with some success. I agree, working with the lighter colors causes a translucent effect that always seems to show the other seams/colors from the bottom. Love the use of the batiks as the hair! Looking forward to unburying myself from Mardi Gras costume work to be able to get back to "real" sewing again. Looking forward to trying Syndrome.

  4. Yours looks great, Im working on mine as I type this and I have discovered Im not good with pinks :( plus Im on a fabric diet so am making do with what I have on hand, should be finished tomorrow I hope :)


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