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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ups and downs (and a link party)

Do you have those weeks where nothing seems to flow? This was one of those for me.

The Ongoing List:
  1. the SK project - no progress
  2. the Valentine's blocks - block done (cannot share)
  3. Tea Towel challenge and PPV BOM - no progress
  4. Secret projects - no progress
  5. New project! Embroidery calendar - no progress
  6. Color of the Year challenge- no progress
The EverythingElse List:
  1. Animal blocks for charity quilts - 3 blocks done (see below)
  2. Project of Doom 2015 @ Fandom in Stitches - no progress
  3. Reversible sewing machine cover - 4/8 blocks done
  4. College Days Blog Hop blocks for tote/grocery bag - 1 block done, no pattern picked for the bag, no idea how many blocks I will need
  5. Alice in Wonderland quilt - 6/15 blocks done
  6. As You Wish - 8/16 blocks done
  7. Happy Halloween wall hanging - 13/32 blocks done
  8. Crazy optical illusion - 1 "row" done
  9. D wall hanging - collected some fabric and some ideas
  10. B quilt - to be designed
The week started with a paper rejected for no reasons, administrative people not communicating essential pieces of information to me, swaps not running, people dropping out from previous commitments, etc... nothing really major, but I felt like nothing was headed in the right direction!
Like I was not very well aligned with the positive flow of the universe.

Because of that I decided to take a break from all my projects (even the one that have deadlines) and try to channel my energy in something that would give me positive energies and probably will bring back to me some good karma from the universe! So I completely focused on the Animal blocks that I am collecting for future charity quilts!

I made 2 elephants from the Elephant parade @ sewfreshquilts, and a cow by Sandi @ piecemealquilts.

My rule for these blocks is to use the scraps (even the tiny ones) and I am allowed to take only one other fabric from my stash (if absolutely necessary).
Obviously I couldn't resist and I had to use the red fabric with golden elephants for the elephants :).
I am really pleased with all the blocks because they are very me (scrappy, colorful, unconventional, full of prints). And I think they succeeded in bringing me back some good energy from the universe!

On the up side, this past Wed the first tutorial of the SYS2015 series was announced!
Did you checked it out? It's a wonderful block and I will share my progress on that next Wed.

And now what are YOU going to link?


  1. I LOVE your elephants in those fabrics. I couldn't pass on that project either. I hope the next week will be better.

  2. Id love to add a link for this week but my week went like yours :/ Upside is tomorrow is Monday so lets see how it goes, fingers crossed its better hahahaahha. I love the cow and elephant, and the Syndrome block will be tackled :) Keep smiling in the whole scheme of things they are little hiccups :)

  3. I pleased to hear things are looking up for you, after a rocky start. I hate how something lousy happens, and then things snowball because I get so distracted by it that I make mistakes or can't focus on other things properly. Sometimes it is good to take some time to regroup like you did.

  4. Very cute elephants, I love the prints you used.


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