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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SYS 2015 - Hello? Is anybody there?

Earlier this month Karen shared a fun tutorial for a small little Amigurumi friend :).
You can find the tutorial on the SYS2015 page!

Where are your rolling rocks and stones ;) ??? Share them with everyone!!

Remember that in this link party only projects belonging to the SYS2015 series should be added 
(I reserve the right to delete any non compliant link). 
This link party will be open all year long and you can add as many finished projects as you want! 
The same link party will be shown on the SYS2015 page.
Each link will give you a chance to win one of the monthly prizes.

This month, in order to be eligible for prizes, you are asked to make some Amigurumi!

For the first entry (mandatory), you should enter a pet rock (or snow ball, however you want to call it ;) ). For a second entry, you can enter any Amigurumi doll that you completed this month! 

You can still link up blocks and projects from the Foundation Paper Piecing, Quilting, Crochet and Pixel Quilt tutorials!!

This month the prize is offered by Karen and it is...

I will draw a winner (using on July 1st between all the new entries in the link party. 
International participants are welcome!!

And before leaving, I would love to hear some comments from you about this series!
Because there are many people subscribed to the mailing list, many people download the tutorial files but very very few links are added in the link party below :( :(

So if you can spend 5 minutes of your time answering few questions in this survey I would really appreciate!! The survey is anonymous so you can tell me what you think without extra pressure ;)

As of mid June, this is the situation in terms of subscribers, downloads and projects in the series (excluding mine):

I am a scientist, so I tried to produce a formal figure that illustrate the participation in the series :)
It does not accurately account for the data (numbers do not sum up, because people not subscribing to the mailing list could download the tutorials, one person may download the same file multiple times, etc.), however the overall trend is so huge, that even considering all possible errors in representing the data, the message seems pretty clear to me :(

I received very few answers in the survey and of the people entering their opinion, only 3 elaborated with text on their reason not to linking their projects. Once I collect more opinions, I will answer to those issues publicly, but if you don't tell me what you think, I cannot know if there is anything I can do to make this series more fun for all of you...
I am having a ton of fun making all these projects and learning a lot... I hope you are doing the same!!  

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  1. It is just a time thing for me. I've downloaded most of the tutorials, but haven't actually tried any yet! I love the hat - maybe I can get to it (probably not, sigh).

    I didn't get any feedback on the pixels so if you want to share what you have, I'd be interested. I'm always willing to change my approach if people don't like what I'm doing. :)


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