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Friday, July 22, 2016

The LIST (review)

Back in December, Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl hosted the #2016Planning Party, and I linked up (she reminded me of this because I completely forgot of course ;) )

2016 Mid Year Review

She published a post to reflect on her the goals and she welcomed us to take this opportunity to look back and reflect on our year as well. She is offering a #2016MidYearReview link up, and there are great giveaways available to those who link up.

This the previous list, with updated status on the different projects (these are my goals for the year... so if I am at least half done, I will say I am on a good track :) )
  1. Play with Me QAL - this is a QAL I am hosting, so I don't just plan to finish it, but I plan to cheer everybody along, offer giveaways, inspire and get inspired!
    STATUS: 6 blocks made, quilted and joined. 2 blocks completed. 1 board missing.
  2. "Jane Tiger, the Nearly Insane Wife of a Farmer" - I want to complete my version of the Dear Jane, Nearly Insane and Farmer's Wife quilt. I already started it and it looks fun!!
    STATUS: I lost momentum on this...  23 blocks done, many many more missing :)
  3. Block Swap Adventure quilt - I have been swapping blocks for about 2 years now, so I should have enough to put together a quilt!
    STATUS: I completed a quilt with last year Snail Trail blocks. Unfortunately the swap was closed because of lack of participants. But now I am running the Hello Block Swap so I am still collecting blocks and turning them into quilts!
  4. Charity quilts for Fran and the Quilts for DC General Homeless Shelter project - I plan to have 12 quilts done for her... let's see if I can make (or pass) that goal!!
    STATUS: again, I lost momentum on this. I have 2 quilts completed + 3 matching pillow cases. I also have 4 quilt tops ready to be quilted... maybe this review will encourage me to get back on track with this
  5. Americana QAL - finish my version of this quilt and gift it to my dad probably for Xmas
    STATUS: completed! and I am using it because it's sad to leave a quilt waiting to be gifted. I will wash it and send it out later this year, but in the meantime I am enjoying it!!
  6. Play with Me 2016 QAL (secret) - all January posts are ready!!
    STATUS: this is a duplicate of 1. :) I was distracted when I wrote the original list
  7. Allietare QAL - I plan to complete this quilt, and probably donate it for charity
    STATUS: no change. This is one of the 4 quilt tops of point 4.
  8. Pantone Color of the Year 2016 - my traditional wall hanging has already been designed!
    STATUS: completed!
  9. The SK project - here I need real progress as I wanted to have it done by 2017... it's a big quilt done in very small blocks so I need to get this rolling!!
    STATUS: I lost momentum for several months. Last month I got the ball rolling again, and now I have a few "side" projects that are going to help me give this project a real push forward, stay tuned!!
  10. the 31000 Xs project - a cross stitch project that I started and I would love to get done... eventually :)
    STATUS: where did I put this project??? :) I moved things around my sewing corner and I have no idea where this ended up being stored. :) so the status is Missing In Action :)
  11. Spirit cross stitch project - this is supposed to be a Valentine present... well... not sure if I will be able to pull it off, but I will try!
    STATUS: ah ah ah, same as 10. where did I put this project??? :) well... Valentine comes every year, so eventually I will get this done
  12. Mirror Mirror Afghan - a tapestry crochet afghan, I was very passionate about... and then I was not :) crochet is like that for me, ups and downs! :)
    STATUS: I lost momentum on this... I made several more blocks at the beginning of the year but now I am stuck again
  13. Alice in Wonderland quilt - I have several blocks done, just need to find some motivation to finish up some more
  14. As You Wish -  same comment as 13.
  15. Crazy optical illusion - same comment as 13. :)
  16. Memory quilt 2 - same comment as 13. :)
    STATUS (13-16): completely lost interest in all those projects... eventually I may get back to them but for now I archived them all!


I guess that I had so many new projects this year, that several lost momentum. Some are still going, some are kind of dead for now.

I can report that I am still sewing, I am still designing, I am still organinzing events, I am still having fun so I guess it's all good!!

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  1. I think that you have made a lot of progress on a lot of projects. I also think it is natural to loose momentum and am glad you have so many other fun projects to work on and this list to remind you to go back and check on a few others! :) Thanks for linking up again!


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