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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas presents almost completed (and a linky party)

In this past week where most of the time was spent on cooking, tidying, cleaning and eating, I managed to get several things done!!

The Ongoing Project List:
  1. Hello Block Swap - paused until 2017
  2. The SK project - no progress
  3. Secret event (January 2017) - no progress
  4. Secret event (February 2017) - no progress
  5. Secret event (August 2017) - no progress
  6. Secret event (Jan-Nov 2017)  - no progress
  7. Xmas decorations - 8 started
  8. Bullet Journaling into my Quilter's Planner - working on this every day! 
  9. Pillow covers for Xmas - 8 done (see below)
  10. Xmas stockings - 4 halfway done
  11. En Provence (Bonnie Hunter's mystery QAL) - no progress
The EverythingElse List:
  1. Splendid Sampler - no progress
  2. Charity Quilts for DC General Homeless Shelter project - no progress
  3. Summer Solstice QAL - no progress
    1. Mirror Mirror Afghan - no progress
    2. 70273 Project - sent them out, no new ones
    3. Jane T - no progress
    4. the 31000 Xs project - no progress
    5. Spirit cross stitch project - no progress
    6. Alice in Wonderland quilt - no progress
    7. As You Wish -  no progress
    8. Crazy optical illusion - no progress
    9. Memory quilt 2 - no progress
    10. Gyleen's BCP Mystery QAL - no progress
    Working on Xmas presents,  most of the people in my list are going to get a pair of pillow cases!

    I struggle finding in my stash the big cuts that this project require! Each pillow case uses approximately 1 yard of fabric, so I have to get creative sometimes. On the good side, I can use up prints and colors that I wouldn't use otherwise and make more space in my stash for new purchases :)

    Another small Xmas present is this fabric box 
    It has the exact size of a weekly pill dispenser, because I think that it is good to be cheerful when you need to take daily medications :)

    I made good progress in several other presents, but they are not quite done yet... however I plan to get them ready by the end of the weekend and this will be the first year that I complete all my presents before december begins!! And all thanks to the Bullet Journal/Quilter planner!! But more on this on December 1st! :)

    How about you? What are YOU up to?
    Link it here and share it with me!!

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    1. Oh to be as on top of the holidays as you! Green with envy. Kudos.


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