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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita...

I'm sorry, but today I cannot share happy crafty projects...
I'm numb...
I am frozen by sadness because
... I know that 60,072,551 people believe in rewarding bullying and hatred...
... I know that 60,072,551 people believe that the problem of cheating the system is that the system is broken and not that there is a cheater...
... I know that 60,072,551 people believe that I shouldn't be allowed to say no to physical violence...
... I know that 60,072,551 people believe that I am not worthy because of my gender, skin color, disability, religion or place of birth...
... I know that 60,072,551 people believe that money and loud words count more than compassion and inclusiveness...
... I know that 60,072,551 people believe that we should blame foreigners and media for the fact that mother nature is trying to make us extinct...
... I know that 60,072,551 people support anti-scientific believes.

I have seen this before...
in another country... in a much smaller scale...
it left big wounds that are not healed yet...
but it was a country that didn't have the control of critical pieces for the entire humanity well-being...

Here it's hard to see the light...

But I am optimistic... Dante predicted this...
The path to heaven begins in hell.
We have to walk the entire path to the very bottom, there are no shortcuts.

Just some highlights:
Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita, 
mi ritrovai in una selva oscura, 
che la diritta via era smarrita.
Midway upon the journey of our life, 
I found myself within a forest dark, 
for the straightforward pathway had been lost.
(November 8, 2016)
Lasciate ogne speranza, o voi che entrate
All hope abandon, ye who enter here.
(January 20, 2017)
Considerate la vostra semenza: 
fatti non foste a viver come bruti, 
ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza.
Consider your origin. 
You were not formed to live like brutes 
but to follow virtue and knowledge.
(Unknown date, 2017-2020)
"Rise up, " the Master said, "upon thy feet; 
The way is long, and the road full of evil, 
"Lèvati sù", disse ’l maestro, "in piede:
la via è lunga e ’l cammino è malvagio,
(Unknown date, 2017-2020)

and only then, once we reached the bottom, seen the worst, experienced all brutalities that Inferno has to offer... only then we may be able to:

salimmo su`, el primo e io secondo,
tanto ch'i' vidi de le cose belle
che porta 'l ciel, per un pertugio tondo.
E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle.

We mounted up, he first and I the second, 
Till I beheld through a round aperture 
Some of the beauteous things that Heaven doth bear;
Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars. 

I prepared a tracker for the next few years... each day is a square...
Is it a coincidence that I was stitching the Crimson King's symbol when everything happened? 

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