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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

As You Wish - The Honey Pot Bee

Hello my fantastic Princesses and Princes and other Royal appointments!
Welcome to my small Kingdom!!
It is such an honor to be part of an amazing event like The Honey Pot Bee.
Thanks Molli for the opportunity to design a block for all of you!

If you are new here, welcome!!
If you have been here before, I am glad that you came back!!! :)

If you are new here you should know that I am obsessed with Paper Piecing and I offer FREE paper piecing patterns of very famous characters like Snoopy & Friends, Alice in Wonderland, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many many more: just snoop around if you are curious!

I am also running a fun QAL over at my other blog ( so if you are up for a year long skill builder, head over there and join!

And now, as I mentioned, I LOOOOVE Paper Piecing, so my block for you is a simple and versatile paper pieced block.
If you don't like Paper Piecing, don't leave just yet... I have options... As You Wish...

As You Wish - Basic Pattern, Envelope only

If you have never done Foundation Paper Piecing, I would suggest you to start with the amazing
video tutorials by Jennifer @ Sewhooked (
She explains step by step all the tricks of this technique.
The envelope pattern is very easy so don't get intimidated if you have heard that Paper Piecing is
hard: I started sewing with paper piecing... I was able to do it, with NO prior sewing experience 
(meaning I didn't even know how to thread the machine)... so if I was able to do it, YOU can do it too!!! :) :) :)

Final size 10.5'' x 10.5''

As You Wish - All Variations

I like all kind of sewing techniques, so I tried to include as many as I could in the companion pattern I designed for you!
This is also a great opportunity to try techniques that maybe you are not too familiar with but in such a small block there is not much waste if you end up not liking it. I encourage you to experiment, mix and match and make this block serve you well.

Final size: it depends on the option you choose...
the option depicted above is 14.5'' x 14.5''

If you have any questions about my block(s) or any of the techniques I use, just leave me a comment below and (if you leave your contact information) I will get back to you as soon as I can!

I am very excited to see how you all interpret my design.

Ciao ciao! :)


  1. What a cute idea! Thank you for your generosity and all the variations, too.

    1. You are welcome! I am looking forward to see how all of you reinterpret my block!!

  2. So many options explained! Thank you.

    1. You are welcome! I like to have options and let the creative in us free to express!!

  3. Thank you so much for this block and the extra variations! You have done big job making the pattern and explinations so well! I love the envelope! x Teje

    1. You are welcome! I am happy people are enjoying the variations, it's great to have options!!

  4. I may have missed the option where there was no paper piecing. Paper piecing is not my thing. Is there just a piecing option for this block? I do like the envelope block.

  5. Thanks so much for a great block! <3

  6. will you be making a buttom to put on our blogs and to share about the upcoming art with fabric hop?

  7. Wow!! Love this block. And this is THE best instructional download I have ever seen!! Thank you so much!

  8. I love this block! I am a retired Letter Carrier and I love anything about mail. Would it be okay if I incorporate this block into a raffle quilt that we letter carriers do for the Muscular Dystrophy Association? Please let me know. coliptt(at)cox(dot)net. Thank you


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