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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Getting back to my regular sewing rhythm (and a link party)

Finally I am getting back to regular sewing, planning and designing rhythm!!

The Ongoing Project List:
  1. Growing Up QAL - all future sashing options have been designed! (cannot share)
  2. Splendid Sampler - no progress
  3. Charity quilts - no progress
  4. SK project - no progress
  5. Molli Sparkle's "The Honey Pot Bee" - scheduled my post for Wed! So excited!!!
  6. Project QUILTING - waiting for the next challenge
  7. En Provence QAL - COMPLETED a gazillion of units (see below)
  8. Bullet Journaling into my Quilter's Planner - no progress
  9. 70273 Project - no progress
  10. Book binding - no progress
  11. Twilters! Bee - waiting for next month swap
  12. MP pillow cover - decided on theme, but not designed yet
Even if I cannot share all the future sashing options I designed for the Growing Up QAL, I can certainly share the one that I released last Monday!

And these are two of my blocks using that sashing! It is going to be a colorful and cheerful quilt!!

Last November I participated in the Bonnie Hunter's En Provence mystery QAL. I made very few units for each clue and I waited for the reveal to design my own version. 
Then I forgot about the project :)
Then I remembered that I picked that project for Elm Street Quilt One Monthly Goal (link 62) so I decided to push it and make the 135 units that my design was missing

The goal I set was to assemble these units in the completed quilt top and I plan to do this today and update this blog post to link my progress in the Elm Street Quilts Goal Finish post!

EDITED TO ADD: the quilt top is completed!!

"The power of diversity" 55'' x 55''

I renamed the En Provence quilt because I followed a different design and I want to honor the fact that I included all kinds of fabric in this quilt (batiks, small prints, big prints, solids, textured) and because each of them is super unique, together they make an amazing design that wouldn't be so beautiful if it was done with a single kind of fabric.
While the entire quilt is super scrappy, I decided to "control" the scrappyness in the teal background of the center stars: in this way our eyes have a place to rest to enjoy all the rest of the scrappyness.

Since this event was such a great push to get fantastic progress on this project, I already decided what I will pick as my Goal for March. I love that we don't have to "finish" a project, but just reach the goal that we set!

My Goal for March will be to complete "The Dark Tower" bookshelf part of my Stephen King big project! My goal is just to assemble the top of all the book covers and quotes from the 8 books of the series. Let's see what I can come up with!!

How about you? What are YOU up to?
Link it here and share it with me!!


  1. good luck on finishing up your Bonnie Hunter quilt. I have to get binding color selected today and sewed on the quilt

  2. That is the reason I like Elm Street Quilts Goal setting. It doesn't have to be a completed project. Can't wait to see what you do with your En Provence blocks. My small version is to the point I need a few more sashing blocks made but I don't want to make all the blocks for the outside borders. It will be interesting how our quilts come out.

  3. Beautiful quilt top! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  4. I love your choice of colours for the En Provence quilt.

  5. Me too... your colours and the design look fantastic. I'm going to have to check out Bonnie's "En Provence" myself. Thanks for posting and sharing. Beautiful!

  6. Looking forward to seeing your bookshelf quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project!

  7. I love that green block. Very pretty!


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