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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Progress that I forgot to document (and a link party)

I forgot to share projects and blocks completed in the past few weeks

The Ongoing Project List:
  1. Growing Up QAL - completed more blocks (cannot share) :)
  2. Starry Bright Sky QAL (2018) - announced and started planning! (cannot share) :)
  3. Art with Disney QAL (2018) - no progress
  4. Splendid Sampler - no progress
  5. Charity quilts - no progress
  6. SK project - no progress
  7. Molli Sparkle's "The Honey Pot Bee" - one tiny July block done (see below)
  8. En Provence QAL - no progress
  9. Journaling into my new Leuchtturm 1917 - loooove it, shared July review last week!
  10. the 70273 Project - 12 blocks done (see below)
  11. Book binding - no progress
  12. Twilters! Bee - completed July blocks, but forgot to take pictures :)
  13. Face scrubbies and other crochet sponges - completed a set, but pictures next week :)
  14. Pencases and zipper pouches - several in progress
  15. Goofy Lister - second version done (see below)

More blocks for the the 70273 Project. If you are curious to see some of the beautiful quilts made with all these blocks check out this Pinterest board!

About a month ago I shared a Goofy block I made for my Art with Disney quilt. I sent a link to the artist that the piece was inspired by Adam Lister, and he asked me if I was interested in making him a copy of that block in exchange for one of his painting! Of course I said yes... and this is the piece I completed for him.

Goofy Lister # 2 (17'' x 17'')

The quilting design is inspired by the work of Agnes Martin, an artist that Adam said he loves! :) Isn't it fun to mix and fuse so many different artistic point of view (mine, Adam's, Disney's, Agnes's) ?!? :)

Then I finally completed one of July's block for the The Honey Pot Bee (mushroom challenge).
I am keeping the Disney/Alice/Cartoons theme so that all the blocks will make a coherent quilt (one day in the far far future :))

Last week I announced the 2018 QAL I am running on my other website!!
I will be sharing more information in the next several months, so subscribe to the email list (at the link below) to be notified about future announcements!! :) :)


How about you? What are YOU up to?
Link it here and share it with me!!


  1. Nice work on the 70273 blocks! I just made a quilt top from the blocks our quilt group made. I hope ot get a few more blocks made before we send the quilt to Jeanne!

  2. How can I get the pattern for standing Mickey Mouse and the sitting Alice?

    1. Unfortunately you are a no-reply blogger so I cannot answer you directly. You can find the patterns in the page at this link . Some patterns are not available because of a dropbox issue. Please contact me via email if you need some help getting a specific pattern, the email address is at the top of that page!


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