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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Less than 10 days to Giveaway and new tutorial

Less than 10 days are left before the first drawing of the TestALong giveway!! 
The link party is still empty and no comments on the page :( :( :(
Submit some blocks for a chance to win some goodies... see the Quilt&Stitch TestALong page for more details!!

I am back from my California trip! It was amazing... just few pictures from the trip:

And I didn't forget my quilting addiction during the trip. I brought some projects with me (see later for details) but I didn't have a proper project bag... then I went to Carmel... and by chance I walked by a wonderful shop (actually a wonderland shop) called "The White Rabbit" :) :) Can you believe it? and it was obviously full of Alice in Wonderland things... so I found the perfect project bag!! :) :)
(the yellow tea-cup fabric is also from there. The other pieces of fabric come from another shop in San Francisco... too Halloween cute to resist :) )

During the trip I embroider the block with Alice and the Cheshire cat, then I crochet a super-cute "giant" amigurumi doll (it is 10'' tall) and I pieced the tree of the Modern Tree QAL (from Christa's blog).

(Block 8 from the Alice in Wonderland quilt from my TestALong)

(Amigurumi doll, pattern bySayjai)

With the trees, I decided to create a different layout than the one Christa propose, and I decided to make a tutorial for that. If you are interested you can check it in the Tutorials page.
It guides you to go from
(the pictures have terrible light but I couldn't take them during the day :))
And now I have more projects waiting for me on my to-do list... the first of which is a block for the #TFIOS Design Challenge on Fandom in Stitches. Thanks Jennifer for suggesting this book!! I read it during my trip (and during my 5 hours spend in Chicago because of a 3 hours delay of my plane!! :( ). I really really liked the book... very touchy story and very well written. I sketched my block during the trip... now I need some time to put it in the software and on fabric :)

And as a last update, I joined the Secret Santa Swap... I am so excited :)

Would you Like to be a Secret Santa??

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