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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery, part 3

I am done with step 3 of Celtic Solstice Mystery QAL.
This time was Half Square Triangles (!!happy!!) and pinwheels (!!not-so-happy!!).

I would have never thought I could say this... but I love HST!! :)

I was used to hate them... but then I came across 2 wonderful things:

  1. Melissa's tutorial for HST, during the Star Surround QAL (post here), that taught me how to cut the initial squares bigger than the final size of the HST, sew the squares with possible imperfections and still trim them to perfection!!!
  2. My Secret Santa sent me the "Clover Finger Press" tool... when I saw it I thought "ok, nice, but probably will be another plastic tool that I will use twice and then forget in my drawers"... wrong!!! that's the most AMAZING TOOL that has ever been invented :) it's just perfect for my style of sewing... I am not very happy when I have to go to the ironing board to press seams... and it's a nightmare for me to press the seam open with the iron, I keep burning myself and I get frustrated because I don't have much control on what is happening under the iron... this tool solves all the problems!! you can use it to press the seam right where you sew... and if you press it from one side it takes like 1 second to have a perfectly pressed seam... if you press it open it takes probably 2.5 seconds to get a perfectly pressed seam, with no burned fingers!! and it is designed to have the perfect handle and the perfect tip to press your seam without too much effort!

So thanks to Melissa and my Secret Santa I got perfect HST!!!
The pinwheels are not as perfect, but they are pretty good :) I still have issues sewing a precise quarter-inch seam all the way... and there is no trimming you can do to the pinwheels to get them to be perfect...

But I really enjoyed this step of the Mystery QAL... I don't know if I have the right amount of pieces because I decided to divide by 4 the small size quilt and 25/4 is not a whole number ;) but still I will add the missing pieces or discard the extra ones once the mystery is revealed!

P.S. If someone is wondering where is the post for the step 2 of the QAL...well... I didn't have the time to tackle that clue yet :) I printed few paper piecing chevrons patterns but I didn't have the time to sew them yet... Christmas presents took over, I guess you all understand! :)


  1. I too have issues with the quarter inch seam! I am really good at fudging but am trying to make this the year of the perfect quarter inch! Your clue looks great!

  2. It is great the way we are all finding our own ways to complete the steps. Your pinwheels and triangles are looking good!

  3. Hst's can be so tricky! I loved Melissa's technique too.


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