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Monday, December 2, 2013

Iron Quilter 2 - Alice's Game

Finally my project for Iron Quilter 2 contest @ Missouri Star Quilt Co. can be revealed!!



It's called Alice's Game and the story behind the quilt is the following.

When I read that the challenge was to use some charm-packs a chessboard design was the first that came to my mind.

Then I remember that the book "Through the Looking Glass" (which is the second book of Alice in Wonderland) by Lewis Carroll starts with a chess-game.

Then I remember that the wonderful Jennifer @ Sewhooked had a pattern on Craftsy called "A friendly game" that consist of all the chess pieces, with paper piecing!! And they where almost the same size as the charms...

So basically squares + PP chess pieces + Alice obsession = Alice's Game!!

Note that I didn't even check which kind of fabric I had to use :)
I just bought 3 charm-packs and waited for them to arrive.
Then when I tried to put together the chess-board I realized that some of the prints where not very "chessboard-like"... some of them where kind of almost light enough to be in the board... but not quite... so what to do? I didn't want to buy fabric for this project... so you know what I did? I turn them on the wrong side! :) in this way they where still blending gracefully with the rest of the charms, but they were lighter so more suitable for a chessboard :) :)
Some other colors/prints made it to the border... and some made it to the back :)

Also the back was totally unplanned.

The left-over blocks were flowers and greens... so I though I could put together a simple "garden-like" back.
But then I had two or three half blocks of pinks and purples... and they just screamed at me "Chesire cat!!" And from there it was just a matter of collecting other scraps from the charm-packs, adding the brown, and I got the back!!
I don't even know if I like the front or the back more... I think that the quilt has two fronts :) :)

BTW: this is what is left from 3 charm-packs... I really really used the fabric that was chosen for the challenge :)

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  1. love your design. I always make two sided quilts :)

  2. This looks fantastic! Great idea to use the reverse side to tone them down a little where necessary!


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