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Sunday, February 2, 2014

MOP Monday: please come and link your progress!!

Despite the fact that last week I had only one person adding a link... and despite the fact that I didn't have big progress on all my projects... here I am for the second week!!!

Because every step count... and I hope that eventually you will share your progress here with me!! :)

-- MOP: The list --
1. As You Wish - finished Roberts block and quote (see below)
2. Celtic Solstice - assembled missing pinwheel, white triangle and orange triangle
3. Tea Towel challenge and PPV BOM - done third block (The King's Crows) and printed the chevron patterns
4. Alice in Wonderland quilt - printed next block (The Red Queen)
5. Happy Halloween wall hanging - no progress
6. Topolino quilt - printed next bloc (Scrooge McDuck)

-- MOP: This week new blocks --
Westley (pirate Robers) block, from the As You Wish, Quilt and Stitch along @ Fandom in Stitches.
The pattern is available for free on Fandom In Stitches.
And now, what are YOUR own progresses? Link them below!!
Rules for the linky party:
1. You can link finished projects or WIP at any stage! Every step is worth sharing
   (A journey of thousand miles is made of single steps)!

2. Link to your specific post to make it easier for others to read about your progress!
3. Spread the word and post my button or a text link (code for the button on the side bar)
4. Comment on other links!! It's always good to support each other every step of the way!! :)


  1. Hang in there. The more the word gets out, the more people will link up. As for myself, I will not have any progress of my until my studio (the garage conversion) is completed! I am blogging about that along with crafts I do once in a blue moon. I can hardly wait to have a room of my own once again!

  2. Please keep posting and don't get disheartened. I love your paper patterns and am totally keen to join the princess bride stitchalong, I just need some more fabrics in my stash that are solid like or solids.

    I'd lobe to link up but sadly I have no blog or flikr. I think its a great idea to keep you accounatble to your work in progress. I'm seriously considering starting to blog just to keep a record of makes / force myself to finish my old stuff.

    So whilst I can't link up.. here is my current wip
    - Spools quilt
    - Plus quilt
    - Doctor who 3/4 from FiS (I'm very behind)
    - Jigsaw Enzo Maru knock-pff aminal puzzle

    Thanks for doing this

    1. Thank you for all your comments! They make my day!! :)
      Yeah, I am not going to give up so easily :) It's just that sometimes if I don't get comments from others it feels like I am just talking to myself... and even if I like myself, it's not as fun as talking to someone else ;)!! That's why I like sharing thing on this blog!
      And I definitely recommend you to start a blog!! I started exactly to keep track of things and it became a great motivator to finish things! That's why I started this weekly linky party... I never had so productive weeks before ;)
      Good luck with your list of WIP! Keep me updated!!


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