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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Feeling super accomplished (and a link party)

Several projects left my list! Feeling super accomplished!!

The Ongoing Project List:
  1. the SK project - no progress
  2. Tea Towel challenge and PPV BOM - no progress, needs quilting!!
    (this will be my April project for a Lovely Year of Finishes)
  3. SYS2015 future projects - started planning May project! ;)
  4. Embroidery calendar - no progress
  5. Animal blocks for charity quilts - last 7 blocks done, top assembled! (see below)
  6. New project: crochet slippers - doooone and in use! (see below)
  7. Block Swap Adventure - received April partner, waiting to hear back from her!
The EverythingElse List:
  1. Project of Doom 2015 @ Fandom in Stitches - no progress
  2. Reversible sewing machine cover -  no progress
  3. College Days Blog Hop blocks for tote/grocery bag -  no progress
  4. Alice in Wonderland quilt - no progress
  5. As You Wish -  no progress
  6. Happy Halloween wall hanging -  no progress
  7. Crazy optical illusion -  no progress
  8. D wall hanging -  no progress
  9. B quilt -  no progress
  10. Memory quilt 2 - no progress.
The last 7 animal blocks are done! and yes, one of the zebras has a mistake but I saw it when everything was sewn together so I didn't want to rip everything apart... I think it's not too visible and it makes her a little different ;)

Turtles and Zebras by Lorna (sewfreshquilts)

Unicorn, by Jennifer @ Sewhooked 

These are the two quilt tops (40'' x 60'') that I will donate to charity!
I think they are very me (scrappy, funky, with many different styles, fun)!
I hope the recipients will enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them!!!

This is my first wearable crochet project ever! And considering that I am not an experienced crochet person I think I did a great job!! They are not perfect (there are some mistakes here and there) but I didn't want to undo big pieces of work just to fix a few wrong stitches counts :)

I made few changes to the pattern, because you know, that's just me, I cannot follow a pattern without making my own modifications:
  1. I made the top part with only 15 rounds instead of 22... because I was tired :) and I thought 15 rounds were enough to fold it and look nice. Having been using them for a while, I have to say that it's actually better to have that fold shorter because it's kind of tricky to put them on and a bigger fold would have made the operation harder. So 15 rounds was a win-win choice!
  2. I made the top using different colors because I wanted to test how white/variegated blue and dark red/variegated pinks looks together. I am making another project so I wanted to see which one I like the best... these are my slippers so even if they are not "well coordinated" it doesn't matter :)
  3. I didn't put the buttons... because sometimes I wear them as socks (with the fold up) so buttons wouldn't be good for that
  4. crochet slippers and hard wood floors are NOT a good combination (super slippery slippers are not what you want). However the fix is super-easy: I bought one of those mat to put under carpets to make them stable on hardwood floors, I cut few rectangles and I stitch them on the front/heel of the sole. That's it! Now I cannot make them slide on my floor even if I want to!
    I am not sure about the durability of those pieces, but honestly, who cares! I still have a full rug of that material so I can always replace them!
I had so much fun making those! They are warm but your feet can breathe because of the spaces between stitches: perfect combination for cool spring weather!


What are YOU going to link?


  1. fun socks! I have a crochet socks! book (I think that's the title) some fun socks in the book.

  2. Love the socks, I live in socks during Winter, good idea on the non slip ;) Your animals look great. At this rate you will have everything ticked off by June :)

  3. Your paper piecing is amazing! A skill I have yet to even begin to master... Whoop whoop for some lovely finishes!

  4. imagine my surprise to see the cow!! Hee hee
    Your lists crack me up;. I always think I'll make a list, then lose the list. Plus I get vexed when I can't check everything off the list. I spent a good amount of yesterday with lists for my upcoming teaching gig, better be organized in front of people...
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  5. Those animal quilt tops are so fun, and sure to be a hit with kids!! :D


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