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Friday, April 17, 2015

Marsala - 2015 Pantone Challenge

My entry for the 2015 Pantone Quilt challenge, Marsala:

 This is a little wall hanging (size: 13x14 inches)

I have a tradition of making these "color of the year" wall hanging to decorate my sewing space.

My general layout is a center block representing the "object" of the color, and a scrappy border containing different colors similar to the color of the year and with shapes somehow connected to the main theme.

So this year, the choice of the border was pretty easy: with a theme like Marsala, isn't the "Drunkard's Path" (a design makes one think of a drunkards staggering walk) just the perfect border? ;)

Some close-up pics to see the quilting (I quilted some grapes and grape leaves)

And the fabric on the back is also pretty cool I think :)

And yes, if you look close to the picture of the front you may have noticed some fabric bleeding :( :( oh, well... I will try to fix it probably, one day... but in the meantime, we can pretend it's the artistic touch of Marsala wine stains ;)

Follow THIS LINK TO SEE ALL THE OTHER PROJECTS... and in 7 days the voting will open and I will ask you to vote for me ;) (or a different one... there are amazing quilts/projects over there... but if you vote mine I would be very very happy ;) )

As a last note, these are my wall hangings for 2013 and 2014... just for fun!


  1. The Marsala looks fabulous and goes so well with the others.

  2. Very nice, I like the marsala wine!

  3. Love the way you kept to the theme.

  4. Your mini quilt is really great! You really got the colour down well.

  5. Nice pieces! I like it very much...

  6. Oh My.,I like all 3 of your mini .You will have no problem getting me to vote for you.What size are the Drunkards Path SQ? i would like to give them a try myself I see the wine glass is paper pieced.I"m sure i could find one ,if i google.I hope you win.

  7. I really like all of your Pantone challenge quilts. What's not to love about Marsala!

  8. I love your mini collection! :D The drunkard's path block along the sides is such a clever choice, I love it!


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