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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SYS 2015 - Final comments on crochet!

The skill of the month was crochet and for me Pren's tutorial (available on the SYS2015 page) was just the beginning!

So this is what I made and what I learned:
-- 1. one fun coaster (with acrylic yarn)

This helped me getting back with the practice of crochet with simple stitches. It also taught me a new technique, since I never tried surface crochet before!

-- 2. slippers (with acrylic yarn)

This is my first wearable project! They are the most comfortable slippers I've ever had in my entire life!! They fit me like a glove (well, like socks ;) ), they are warm but not too much, cozy but not to tight... basically just perfect! And a great way to test color combinations!!

-- 3. crochet hooks cozy (with acrylic yarn)

This little project was done just to try crochet both from right to left and from left to right. The square is worked in rounds, but I added some extra rows just to make it a rectangle and to try this new technique. It is not that hard, just a little slower ;)

-- 4. cat pouch (with cotton crochet thread, size 3)
(not done yet, missing final round, closing, zipper)

I wanted to try something different but that didn't require any fancy stitch. Googling around I came across this fun kitty bag (by Carol Ventura)  and I discovered a new technique called tapestry crochet.
The objects made with this technique have very intricate designs but they are super simple!! It's just all single crochet, worked with 2 strands at the time (one carried inside the stitches, and then you switch between the two colors when needed). There are several video tutorials and instructions on how to do it, so it's not hard to get obsessed with it (like I am right now ;) ).
The only two things you have to be careful are how to change color (that's the easy one) and how to do it without getting all your yarn balls twisted and tangled (that's the less easy one). The first row of cats (bottom) was done before I new the proper non-twisting technique and it is much less precise than the following ones. But watching few videos after trying it out really made the difference and now this fascinating technique is my go-to for cute crochet objects: I see more of these as Xmas presents for 2015 ;) 

So how about you? Have you being crochet this month? Why don't you enter your projects in the link party below?

For this month in order to be eligible for prizes, you are asked to make a square crochet project using the pattern for the basic square in the tutorial, with any decoration design you like!
In the tutorial, we also listed some other objects (bags, pouches, etc): you can also enter any of those as long as you add the edging and/or the surface decoration using the technique described by Pren for the dishcloth. 

You can still link up blocks and projects from the Foundation Paper Piecing and Quilting tutorials!!
For rules about what will be accepted in those cases, please refer to this previous post and this other post.

This month the prize is offered by me and it's the bundle depicted below 
A crochet/knitting book, a fun measuring tale, yarn needles and some bon bons :)

I will draw a winner (using on May 6yh between all the entries in the link party. 
International participants are welcome!!

Remember that in this link party only projects belonging to the SYS2015 series should be added 
(I reserve the right to delete any non compliant link). 
This link party will be open all year long and you can add as many finished projects as you want! 
The same link party will be shown on the SYS2015 page.
Each link will give you a chance to win one of the monthly prizes.


  1. You really grew in your crochet skills. I love that two toned kitty design. It looks so complicated.

    1. Thanks! I also thought the kitty bag was going to be complicated but actually is very simple! The only tricky thing is not to end up all entangled in your own yarn ;) but avoiding that is an easy skill to master ;)

  2. You sure have gone in leap and bounds with your crocheting :) Love the cats, I end up in a tangled mess ahahahah. Ive managed to make five scarves given the weather has turned cold :)


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