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Friday, October 23, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Applique Quilt - Fall 2015

Flying Geese
Dimensions: 23''x23''

This is my second entry for the Blogger Quilt Festival, Applique Quilt!
First entry here (art).

If you are new around here, WELCOME!
If you have been around for a while, THANKS AND WELCOME BACK! :)

If you are new around here, let me just point you to my main addiction: designing and sharing for free tons of paper piecing patterns :)

As you can see from one of my old headers arrangement, I design patterns for Disney characters, Peanuts and Snoopy, Downton Abbey, Alice in Wonderland but I have many many more (Maleficent, The Simpsons, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Betty Boop, Minions and more)!! Some of them have to be tested, some of there are tested. You can find them just navigating the different tabs or just typing the character name in the search box at the top of the page.

And my other recent endeavor is SYS 2015 (Stretch Your Skills): a monthly series of tutorials to practice in different crafts skills. Until now we had Foundation Paper Piecing, Quilting, Crochet and Pixel Quilt.

If you want to know more about the series, check out the Series Page. Links to the tutorials are there... and did I mention that you can link projects for monthly prizes? Just saying... ;)


Flying Geese
Size: 23'' x 23 ''

I bought the geese panel (lower left corner) on Etsy and I designed the panel on the right myself on Spoonflower. The top is applique (patterns I created from a picture). I really love how it turned out, and I think the recipient really like it, with all the inspirational and positive quotes!!

If you have any comment about these quilts, I would love to hear!!!
And  check out more wonderful art quilts over at blogger's quilt festival!!


  1. This made me smile :) Not too far from where I live is a little park, with a creek, where the geese are visitors in the spring and summer and make their babies and raise them for awhile...I took many a photo of them a few months ago and this just reminded me. How talented you are :)

  2. You did a fabulous job with your appliqued geese. I'm sure this is a well-loved little quilt!

  3. I love this quilt. Gorgeous:)))

  4. Lovely. Thanks for sharing it on the festival.

  5. Beautiful! I really love how graceful the geese on the top are!


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