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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

SYS 2015 - New prize and my project!

Earlier this month Jordan shared an embroidered literary quote for a chic piece of hoop art.
You can find the tutorial on the SYS2015 page!

I made mine! Since I am pretty familiar with basic embroidery, I thought: how can I make it challenging for me to "Stretch My Skills"?
I never used a dark fabric before, so that would be fun to try!
I researched several methods to transfer the design to the fabric (since usual markers are not visible on black fabric). I don't have fancy chalk markers or pen. Many people use a water soluble stabilizer that positioned on the fabric and dissolved once all the stitching is done... but I don't have that fancy thing either. Then someone suggested using tissue paper... when I read that I though "great, another fancy kind of paper that I don't have, moving on to the next option"... but then I stopped... wait... isn't tissue paper that thing you use to wrap gifts? I DO have that at home!! :)

It's great to transfer the design as it's very very thin.
The fact that is very very thin is a good thing also when it comes down to taking it off your work when you are done.
The fact that is very very thin is not that great as you are trying to pull your work through the hoop. You have to be very delicate... and I found out that using pin to hold it in place is not good... using washable glue along the text is actually much easier... 

I never tried stitching on dark fabric and I thought the thread wouldn't show up well... but I really like the contrast. I also used a variegated thread and different stitches, just for fun and I like that it's very dynamic.

So overall I really like how it turned out!

I will frame it when I find a suitable frame, but it's all done!
First project of my long Q4 list, done!

Are YOU enjoying making stitching up your quotes? Share your creations below!!

Remember that in this link party only projects belonging to the SYS2015 series should be added 
(I reserve the right to delete any non compliant link). 
This link party will be open all year long and you can add as many finished projects as you want! 
The same link party will be shown on the SYS2015 page.
Each link will give you a chance to win one of the monthly prizes.

This month, in order to be eligible for a prize, you are required to embroider a literary quote on a piece of fabric!
I encourage you to use Jordan's quote, but if that is "not your thing", any other quote from any book will qualify as an entry!! As long as it's a finished embroidery piece!
As the first entry, you can entry the embroidery block, and for additional entries you can enter any finish (different than simply putting in a hoop or hanging it) that you come up with! Let's see what you can come up with!

You can still link up blocks and projects from the Foundation Paper Piecing, Quilting, Crochet, Pixel Quilt and Fabric Postcard tutorials!!

This month prize is offered by myself and it is an 10$ Amazon gift card! (or equivalent value in other currency, if an international winner is chosen).

Remember that ANY new project (even from previous tutorials) will be entered to win.

I will draw a winner (using on November 4th between all the new entries in the link party. 
International participants are welcome!!

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