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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Art with fabric (and a link party)

Art projects keep coming! It's so fun!

The Ongoing Project List:
  1. Play with Me QAL - many people keep sharing their projects!! (see below)
  2. WGACA projects
    1. Jane T - 3 more blocks done (see below)
    2. The SK project - 1 book cover block done (see below)
    3. Mirror Mirror Afghan - 1 block completed (see below)!
  3. Block Swap Adventure -  paused until Feb
  4. Charity Quilts for DC General Homeless Shelter project - no progress
  5. American Quilt (previous known as Americana QAL) - start planning final layout
  6. Project Quilting (#2) - done (see below)
  7. Art pillow - pillow done! (see below)
  8. Gyleen's BCP Mystery QAL (Bricks, Cobblestones and Pebbles Mystery 2016) - Second clue done! (see below)
The EverythingElse List:
  1. the 31000 Xs project - no progress
  2. Spirit cross stitch project - no progress
  3. Alice in Wonderland quilt - no progress
  4. As You Wish -  no progress
  5. Crazy optical illusion - no progress
  6. Memory quilt 2 - no progress
After my artistic mini (called Konfettinsky) entered last week in the Project Quilting challenge, I am on a roll in trying to redecorate my home with all kind of "art" inspired quilted objects.

Size: 15''x15'' (now you know why I picked yellow and black ;) )
Read more about the artist and his wonderful contribution to art and color theory at this link.

(Project 2: 2016 Finish-Along, from the list in this post)

The second challenge of Project Quilting (season 7) was launched last week and I jumped right in.
As mentioned before, I have a double challenge for myself: follow the theme of the PQ challenge ("Seasons") and have a piece inspired by a "conventional" art piece (painting, sculpture, architecture, ...).

Let me introduce you...

Size: 21'' x 21''
"Cut out for the seasons".

I am trying to find pieces that are outside my comfort zone, both in terms of visual impact as well as sewing techniques. I don't do much raw edge applique and I usually don't like abstract art. But that piece really caught my eye and I could immediately see it using four different colors to represent the different seasons. If you wan to know more about the fascinating story behind the cut-outs Matisse worked on after he couldn't paint any more, read this interesting article!

I am following along with a Mystery QAL on FB. This is my progress

Gyleen's BCP Mystery QAL, clue 2 (clue 3 is already cut and ready to be assembled)

Doing this QAL I realized that it is a brilliant idea to have a mystery that starts with the center and works its way out (at least that's the impression I have, we don't have the full design yet).
This strategy allows you to start with few blocks (instead of making 300 HST right away) and if you pick a different color combination and you don't like it, there is very little that you have to redo to catch up. I am loving it... it's so bright, so full of prints... it's really me :)

Third week of my WGACA project (to know more you can read this previous post).
This strategy proved to be extremely effective, as I had progress on each of the three projects!

*First on my Jane T quilt. 

Three new blocks

Progress on the entire quilt. 16 blocks!

*For the SK project, I decided to design a book cover. Initially my plan was to make them all with paper piecing. However they are super small, and making the text with PP is a total insanity (ask me how I know it ;) ). So I decided to use raw edge applique, because now, thanks to the wonderful tutorial share last year by Kristel in my SYS series, I am not scared of applique any more!
Few thread sketching details add the extra character to the block, and the piece is done in no time!!

*The Mirror Mirror Afghan, I designed and completed a new small block
Tapestry crochet, my own design

I will have to make the reversed design (in terms of colors), but this is an easy to reverse since if you flip it you get the other one :)

While I cannot share pictures of the quilted Feb block of my QAL (Play with Me), I can certainly share the fact that a pretty large number of people started sharing their completed January projects!

Please click this link to visit the page with the linky and check out the amazing work of these ladies!!!

It has been so fun to see how people mix and match colors! 
If you didn't join, it's not too late!

With the sad news of David Bowie passing, Jennifer asked the designers at Fandom In Stitches if they wanted to contribute a design for a tribute post on FiS. Of course I accepted and this is what I designed
Get the pattern and see more blocks on

And last, but not least, I want to remind you that I am working on charity quilts,
and I would love your help!! 
Quilts are for a quilt drive to help the kids in the DC General Homeless Shelter. 
And you can help me by donating orphan blocks, partial blocks, or fabric (scraps, strips, leftover, uglies, whatever). 
If you are willing to mail them to me, I could use them to make more quilts for these kids!!! 
If you are up for a loving donation, please send me an email at tweloq[_at_]gmail[dot_com] or leave a comment here with your email address so I could give you my mailing address. I promise that your donation will be used to make some kids happy and feel more loved!! 

No progress on this from my side, but some quilting on the next project it's in the list for this coming week. Let's hope to have some inspiration!!

How about you? What are YOU up to?
Link it here and share it with me!!


  1. Lovely job on the Cut out for the Seasons. Great interpretation!

  2. I love that you have so many projects going at once. I feel right at home here. Art as inspiration for your project quilting challenge is a very fun idea. I am also doing the Mystery Quilt on Facebook, this is my first mystery and I have to admit my colors are not inspiring me to finish. I may make some changes before I move on. Love your colors!

  3. Wow, a lot of projects underway! That must feel good since you are making progress. Your take on the Mystery Quilt really perked up my ears. I hadn't thought about it before, but doing a few whole blocks for a mystery rather than a whole lot of units like HSTs certainly does allow participants to change their colorways after starting without too much fuss. I'll have to stick that tip in my pocket for some future time if I ever decide to design a mystery quilt.


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