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Monday, October 9, 2017

Art with Fabric blog hop - Helen Lundeberg

Pumpkin: "Sorry mommy, did you need to take a picture of your piece for the Art with Fabric Blog hop? But it is so comfy, can you stop by later?"


Pumpkin: "Well, mommy, I said later!! I think it needs some ironing, but we want to save power, so I will just sit here for a while, ok??"

FINALLY... Let me introduce you...

"Brigitta Lundeberg", 20'' x 20''

This is part of an ongoing project, started last year for the Fall edition of this blog hop.
I don't have any formal training in art... but I studied art history in highschool... and I don't think I EVER encountered a female artist in my studies... how is that possible???? There are many women depicted in paintings, sculptures, drawing, but why only male artists made it into art history books (at least the ones used in my school)???

So for this quilt project, I decided to pick several female artists whose work spoke to me.

Today's artist is the talented: Helen Lundeberg.

She was a Southern Californian painter. Along with her husband Lorser Feitelson, she is credited with establishing the Post-Surrealist movement. Her artistic style changed over the course of her career, and has been described variously as Post-Surrealism, Hard-edge painting, and Subjective Classicism.

Check her work on this website (
I love the way she creates very simple but dynamic representation of natural landscapes. Many of her pieces are abstract but they still have a connection with Mother Earth (the theme of the current blog hop)! My favorite pieces are the planets: so colorful, simple but dynamic!!

All my quilt blocks are my reinterpretation of the artists through my love of Disney, following the style of a recent Italian publication (Discover Art History with Disney Friends)... which as mentioned does not seem to include any female artist at least in the titles of the different volumes :( :(

Each block is a 12''x12'' block, assembled with raw edge fusible applique, and surrounded by an interesting sashing, which will create a fun design with all the blocks together.
Each block is quilted individually (don't you love the texture that you can see in the picture with all the shadows below?!?!).

Around each block I stitch a border of blanket stitch and I crochet around a row of single crochet: that's how I will join all the blocks! I created already 6 blocks and all of them will be part of a QAL in 2018 on Fandom in Stitches!!

So what do you think? Do you, like me, love mesh up point of view, ideas and create your own unique interpretations?


The following artists are also sharing their masterpiece today!
Visit their blog, interact, be inspired and enjoy this fun blog hop!!



  1. I love it! That is sew cute and I used to work at Disney in Orlando :)

  2. Oh I love it! Seems your cat does too....

  3. This is a very fun piece. Bright and colorful, can't help but smile :)

  4. That is such a fun piece, enjoyed your post about Helen...thanks so much for organizing this hop and I know I am going to love seeing all of the others during the week.

  5. I love your idea for joining your blocks. Something a bit different! It looks like it will be a fun QAL!

  6. A unique interpretation, indeed! Your piece is so much fun!

  7. Stunning artist! I so enjoyed learning about her and seeing her paintings. The later ones remind me of abstract quilts... hmmm. I love her self portrait, the simplicity of line, but depth of shadow. Good for you to find and choose a woman! Mother earth. Thank you for sharing your piece and process with us, as we learn from each other. I also like your "snoopervisor" and spokescat.

  8. Very cool Alida. Thanks for introducing her to us. I love your piece :-)

  9. Your series is fun and creative, and a wonderful tribute to the artists that inspired it. So sorry I couldn't participate this time, but it's been fun seeing everyone's pieces.

  10. You've created a very interesting art piece lots of texture and movement. The colors are perfect. I'd never heard of the artist before so appreciated getting to find out more about her.


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