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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Enter if U Dare - Skeletons

Marian ( always hosts interesting an fun Blog Hop, so I decided to join her Halloween Blog Hop also this year with TWO projects!!

Before getting into my projects, if you are new around here, WELCOME!
If you have been here before, I am glad that you came back!!! :)

If you are new here feel free to look around and you will find tons of FREE paper piecing patterns of very famous cartoon characters! :)
I also will be hostin a Skill Builder, Block of the Month QAL starting in 2018 called "Starry Bright Sky".

It features more than 20 different star blocks, made with 11 different techniques,
from applique to piecing to fabric folding!

If you are interested in learning more about this QAL and join the fun, leave your email address in the Google Form at the bottom of the QAL page (click this link).

Well, actually they are scary easy and fun! :)

Bonus challenge

When Marian asked us to participate in the blog hop, she proposed a challenge: to use one of the patterns designed by her to make a bonus project for the hop.
I picked the Skeleton pattern (that you can find in Marian's shop) and even if I liked the original pattern, I had to change it a little bit because I wanted a smaller pillow :)

I really like how the squares are big enough to allow some fun fussy cutting!!

My own project

Skellington McArdle, 20'' x 20'' 

Inspired by Marian's pattern, I decided to make a piece for an ongoing project, started last year for the Fall edition of my Art with Fabric Blog Hop.
I don't have any formal training in art... but I studied art history in highschool... and I don't think I EVER encountered a female artist in my studies... how is that possible???? There are many women depicted in paintings, sculptures, drawing, but why only male artists made it into art history books (at least the ones used in my school)???

So for this quilt project, I decided to pick several female artists whose work spoke to me.

Today's artist is the talented: Thaneeya McArdle.

She is an internationally-collected artist working in a variety of styles, ranging from photorealism to abstraction, and a whimsical combination of the two. I'm also a prolific creator of coloring books!

Check her work on this website (
I love her Positive Phrases, her animals, her colorful and cheerful designs... and her Sugar Skulls!! :) That is what I included in my piece.

All my quilt blocks are my reinterpretation of the artists through my love of Disney, following the style of a recent Italian publication (Discover Art History with Disney Friends)... which as mentioned does not seem to include any female artist at least in the titles of the different volumes :( :(
So in today's block I included Jack Skellington, from "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

Each block is a 12''x12'' block, assembled with raw edge fusible applique, and surrounded by an interesting sashing, which will create a fun design with all the blocks together.
Each block is quilted individually and around each block I stitch a border of blanket stitch and I crochet around a row of single crochet: that's how I will join all the blocks! I created already 6 blocks and all of them will be part of a QAL in 2018 on Fandom in Stitches!!

So what do you think? Do you, like me, love mesh up point of view, ideas and create your own unique interpretations?

Finally, in this fantastic blog hop event, there are giveaways too... thank you Marian for setting this up! She is the one managing the giveaway so below you find are her rules!!

Timeless Treasures: a different bundle of fabrics each day
Today's bundle
Cost To Ship 7.19 USA/Canada/Europe rates will be given when address for winner is known.
All US Winners bundles are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. No Exceptions.

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  • You'll have to visit the blog or the featured blog to enter the giveaways.
  • All winners will be announced on October 25, 2017.
  • You must give a valid email address when you enter the giveaways, any email returned to me, loses the ability to win automatically.
  • Winners are expected to pay shipping costs for the product they won.
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