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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Because I am not a traditional kind of person :)

I cannot simply follow the directions that other people give me :)
I just need to add my touch of craziness in everything I do.
And this QAL is no different.

So let me interview myself to explain my project ;)

Q: What size are you going for?
A: Since I am an unconventional person, obviously I chose the only one missing in the cutting tables ;) which is a 16'' block, 2x2

Q: Why??
A: Because I am crazy? ;) well actually not just because of that.
Also because I don't want to follow the instructions in putting together the top and quilting it either :)
I want to use this project as the quilt to try (for the first time) to free motion quilting!! :)
In particular I am going to follow the class that Leah Day has on Craftsy (called "Free motion quilting, A Sampler") and I want to use the Quilt-As-You-Go approach so I will quilt each block separately and then bind them together. So to see if I like that technique the minimal amount of blocks I need is 2x2... so I will go with that.
(BTW... as a side note... I am really not comfortable in following instructions as they are... also for the FM class I had to find a different project to try it on ;) I always need to add my personal twist on things =P)

Q: Which color scheme did you choose?
A: The rules that I chose for myself are: rule 1) I should use fabric that I bought and didn't use in the last 6 months in any paper-piecing projects (big prints, Christmas, patriotic are hard to put in my Disney-style blocks, so I want to use them here :) ); rule 2) I am not going to buy any new fabric for this project: I have to figure out a way of piecing small pieces if I don't have enough of a fabric for a specific part.
This is the reason why the fabric you see above is so scrappy and eclectic :) I have no idea how they are going to turn out together, but my rules are my rules :)
And cutting the fabric was not so easy, because of my rules ;) actually I started piecing some squares because I run out of few prints... and I run out of background fabric (I felt 10 square short :( ). This is why I added another similar green... I will see how to incorporate that in the design... but I think it should be fine...

Q: Why do you always make things more difficult than necessary??
A: Because I like challenges ;) This is why I never pieced traditional blocks before... I thought they were not enough "intellectually challenging" for me... but with all my additional rules, this project is definitely challenging enough for me now!

So now, let's set aside the squares (on the right) and the left over pieces (on the left) and let's wait for the next part of the challenge ;)

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  1. Great job on getting it all cut out. Sounds like you have some fun twists in store for this, can't wait to see it come together :)


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