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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Disney Mystery Quilt - Block 6


Here we are with Block number 6 of the Mystery Quilt.

The Sixth Block of the Quilt is Archimedes on the Hat.

You can find the pattern in the Free Patterns section.

Have fun, and post a comment below for any question/advice/comment!
And if you tried any of the blocks, please leave me a comment below, or send me a picture of the block or publish the block on the FiS Flickr Group (or all of them :) ). I would love to see your work!!


  1. An updated on your QAL will go up on FiS on Saturday. :)

  2. It's incredibly cute, one of my favorite characters!

  3. Grazie ;)
    It's one of my favorite characters too :)


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