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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

HST and life lessons

And the task for another week of the Star Surround QAL is done!

Half Square Triangles.

And I learned few things doing this task:

1. I conquered the HST... the first time I tried them (quite a long time ago) I didn't follow such a nice tutorial, so I didn't know that is the final trimming  the magic trick that makes them perfect!! :) after I pressed them open, I saw them all wonky I panicked... but then I kept reading the tutorial and I learned that I need to trim them down and now each of them is perfect! :) I am sooooo happy!
HST you don't scare me any more! :)

2. I may have some problems counting up to 10, because I found out I had two extra green squares ;) well, it's better two extras than two missing :)

3. I don't like the "assembly line" approach... don't get me wrong, the tutorial Melissa put together is great, but my body (and mind) doesn't like to do the same movement for more than 3 times in a row (any movement/task)... the assembly line approach maybe saves time, but after each part (chain sewing, cutting, trimming, pressing) one part of my body was sore :) this is why I prefer paper piecing! because it involves a good mix of designing, printing, cutting paper, piecing small parts, putting together pieces, taking off paper, pressing, and embroidery... a good variety of tasks for my body ;)

And on that topic, let me introduce you Lucy Van Pelt, my first Peanuts/Snoopy paper piecing pattern :)

The pattern will be available here as soon as her friends are ready to join her :)

But for now, my job for the QAL is done and I am looking forward to conquer another classic that I never tried (Flying Geese) :)


  1. I am so glad that you have conquered HST's. That is awesome and what the quilt a long is all about!! And my mom says the same thing about assembly line, she prefers variety to speed :)

  2. Lucy is adorable, I can't wait to see her friends!


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