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Friday, February 28, 2014

Is it worth it?

This is my one and only "sad" kind of post...

I thought a lot if to write or not, if to post it or not, etc. but I decided that once it's out it's off my chest and I can move on happily ever after :)

My dilemma is the following: is it worth it to share my patterns here on my blog?

These are the facts:

  • I have been sharing my sewing adventures and pattern here on this blog for more than a year
  • Every pattern I ever designed has been shared for free here or on craftsy
  • I shared about 30 tested patterns, and about 40 untested ones
  • I have about 600 downloads of the Music Sign, Treble Clef pattern on craftsy
  • I have about 900 downloads for my Peanuts-Snoopy and Woodstock pattern
  • I have between 900 and 50 downloads for each of the pdf of my patterns
  • I received great comments on the posts where I was sharing the patterns
  • I received numerous emails from people telling me that they are working on some of my blocks
  • I received email from people asking me to resize blocks for them and I happily did it
BUT... despite all that...
I had only ONE person sending me (once) a picture of two blocks she made with a comments saying that she was working on other blocks. But I never heard from her again... nor from any of the other person that asked me for resizing blocks and similar... Nobody (until few days ago) ever shared on FiS flickr group or FB or anywhere (that I know of) a picture of a work done with my patterns.
Is it possible that out of all those downloads nobody had the time to realize something with my blocks? 
The answer could be "yes, maybe it's possible" but actually no, it's not... because (by chance) googling around one day I discovered 2 pictures of wall hangings that included my Treble Clef pattern... the people that realize them didn't mentioned my name, didn't link to the pattern, didn't contact me to show me their work, didn't upload their work on craftsy, nothing.

So you see now my dilemma...

I think that when something is free it does not mean that you just take it and leave... if something is free it just mean (at least to me) that you don't give back any money, but something should be given in return to the person that is offering the thing for "free"... something as little as a "thank you, look what I've done with your pattern" and a picture doesn't seem too much to ask... especially considering the huge amount of time that sharing these patterns with the community take... 

Just to put the things in real terms, this is how my design/sharing process works (for each single pattern):
  • initial design: about 2 hours
  • preparation of the untested pdf and sharing: about 1-2 hours
  • sewing of the block: about 2-3 hours
  • corrections of the block: about 1 hour
  • preparation of the final pdf and sharing: about 1-2 hours
So you can do the math and see how much time I worked on the 30 tested patterns and about 40 untested ones... and if I didn't have to spend time in sharing/corrections, I could have realized more blocks for my own quilts.

But the point is that I think the time I spend doing sharing/corrections, is time well spent because is for the benefit of a bigger community... so I do it happily... but I need some kind of "return" for it... and what I ask is just that when a picture of a work done with my patterns is published, there should be a link back to my blog, and that a picture is shared with me so I can see it that sharing is worth it.

Finally let me conclude that some people shared with me a block they did with my patterns (Betty Boop, and Minion) but they were specifically requested so they "don't count" in my argument... however when I saw those pictures I was super-happily jumping around the house, so in some ways it actually proves the point I am trying to make :) And few days ago I also saw a block of Minnie from my patterns in the FiS flick group... there was no link to my blog but at least it was published in a network that I see by myself so it's ok and again it made me jump around quite a bit ;)

So, to conclude, I am going to keep sharing the corrections of the blocks in the Quilt&StitchTest-Along page... but after that I am not sure... 
This entire sad post was caused by the fact that in the Quilt&StitchTest-Along page I had a link party where nobody (except me) posted any link... and because I started a "MOP Monday" linky party and (again) each week there has been between 0 and 1 links... all those facts make me think...


  1. Hello! I'm one of your followers on bloglovin (Accroquilt). I'm so sorry for what happen. But I want to tell you I tried 2 ou 3 times to link to Mop Monday. I get the message on Sunday in the evening (?) and then, I try to link but it doesn't work. Maybe because it's sunday here. I link each week with several blogs and I will give another try right after this message. Last month, I tested many patterns for misha and always gave feedback with a picture of my work. I would like to sew your Topolino quilt. I'll give it a try when the 2 series I'm testing now will be finished (about 2 weeks). It take time to sew these beautiful blocks and I am pleased to make them. I will be back to give you news. I love the last one I saw on Fandom in Stitches. Money! Money! Money! So beautiful...Don't give up! You never know.

  2. I was able to link on February 16, 2014 with my nice rabbit I tested. I will go on with Mop Monday and share on my blog Accroquilt. Have a nice week end!

  3. Oh, I do so understand where you're coming from! I don't know if some people can just whip patterns out, but I find that it takes me several days and lots of heartache, and the worst part is trying to pull it all together into one PDF for people because I've already done all the work and it's so hard to motivate myself to finish that last step! It's a tough decision to make. I know that I have wanted to do your Alice in Wonderland test-along so bad and had high hopes of taking part this winter, but that's going to have to be a summer project for me, when I don't have so many birthday and other projects to work on. I wish people would check back with my free patterns as well and let me know how stuff is coming along. It's not an ego thing, but you do want to know that what you're adding to the crafting world is being used and appreciated. One of my favorite moments was when someone else tested a block for me and I got to see my pattern in someone else's fabric choices. That's why I try to do blog posts about other people's patterns when I use them. I know I for sure would miss your posts if you decided to move to just designing for yourself, but you have to get satisfaction out of what you are offering also. Sorry, word vomit! :D

  4. I absolutely love your patterns I download them and stash them away like a squirrel with nuts hoping and praying that some day I will find the time to make them.

    1. Thanks!! That's nice to know!! Sometime blogging feels like talking to myself if I don't receive emails or comments from others!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment!!

    2. hello there i sent a message to this blog yesterday and said that i am the quilter who did the mimmie mouse pillow - i dont know whether you received it or not but i would just like you to know that i ALWAYS AND HAVE DONE FOR 20 YEARS (that's how long i have been quilting) noted the designer's name and website on the back of all my borrowed patterns. when i finished mimmie i even tried to send to you a mistake (well probably not a mistake but an easier way) i found in mimmie - make L1,L2 into one piece - and i could not get it sent through. also i am very new to the flickr group so if there is a way to mention your name on there i certainly will just let me know please. i love your patterns and were easy to follow. also i posted a photo on my f/b page which (yes) i didn't recognize you but have since rectified that. so please accept my apology and from now on i'll make sure i put your name on photo's i post on line. thanks from loisdownunder

    3. Hi Lois,
      I answered your message yesterday but you are a no-reply blogger so I couldn't send you the answer directly.
      This is what I wrote yesterday,
      "Thanks for stopping by and leaving this feedback. And thanks for testing the Minnie pattern, you did a great job!! :)
      I don't necessary need my free patterns to be "advertised", my "sad" post was about the fact that I would like to have direct and personal feedback about my patterns (just a simple email to the address that is in each of my patterns) so that I know if there is something to be fixed or I can start jumping around the house because something I did was used by someone else :)
      Designing patterns is not my job so I don't really care too much about my name being associated to my patterns, but what I care is the personal connection that making a pattern designed by someone else can create... this is why I am doing it in the first place: to create a network of friends that share same interests, not to get traffic on my blog!! :)
      I hope you can get in touch with me (you are a no-reply blogger so I couldn't send you a personal email... but if you want to send me an email, you can find it in all my patterns)."

      And I as I said in the blog post, your posting the pattern in the flickr group was ok, no need to mention my name, but I wanted to create a personal connection with people that tested my pattern, so that was my point there! :)
      I hope you keep in touch with me, so no worries about not mentioning my name, it's not for egotistical purposes that I mentioned the issue :)
      THANKS again for sharing the beautiful block in the FiS group!!
      Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. Alida...It breaks my heart to hear you are feeling that way... I would much rather imagine you jumping up and down!!! I too have squirreled away your patterns and hope to find time for them someday. Trust me if I do find that time I will not only share the pics on flickr and your linky...I will let people know where I found the pattern when I post it on my blog!!! The problem for me is TIME. Yes, I agree with the comment that all these patterns usually take me two days because I can only sneak in sew much sewing time a day, still blog and that four letter word WORK. I don't know if it makes you feel better knowing I haven't found the time to make even one of your patterns but it's the truth. I also agree the Monday linky probably isn't as effective as a Friday linky due to the fact that most of our sewing is done during the week on evenings. That being said I don't do linkys as often as I share on a persons flickr group. Just personal preference for me. The weekend finds me so busy, it is all I can do to squeeze in some blog time. I would suggest if you want to see your work come to fruition develop a BOM where you share one pattern and give people a month to complete it and then offer another pattern. I do three of those each month and love getting and SHARING the completed block with the others doing the same on their flickr group and their linky parties. I hope it helps to know of all the blogs I follow and rarely take time to read...I do enjoy yours and the work you do. You are a valued part of this community. Chin up!! You do have fans out here we just are busy leading our lives but I do strongly encourage you to start a BOM if you want to see people using your patterns and not just squirreling them away for someday like I am guilty of...It is just that I am doing too much already but One block a month is something more people can commit to. Long comment but I hope it helps.

  6. Hi, just found your post. I love your patterns too. I lost your site for a while, and I'm going through my bookmarks(have way too many), and found you again. I have only paper pieced a couple of patterns, and hope to do more. I just signed up to follow you by email, and hopefully will be able to follow you again. I love your patterns, and just downloaded the minion to make for my granddaughter. It will be a while before I have a chance to do it. Have you put your patterns on Craftsy? I think if you did, more people would discover your blog. It would be a great loss for you to quit, but understandably, it's hard to do if you don't think anyone is following, reading, or showing you their work. I'm not a no-reply, so you can contact me.

  7. Just wanted to let you know that I am planning to make up some of your blocks to use either in an outfit for my granddaughter or for the characters to sign autographs on for a Disney trip later this year.

    Your work is greatly appreciated and I'm sorry that you aren't getting the feedback you deserve. I will try to email you pictures after I finish the blocks so that you will be able to see them in use!

    I'm pretty sure I'm a no-reply commenter because I don't have a Blogspot account, but just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I love your patterns.

  8. Ack...I've tried to comment 3 times and for some reason, it isn't working (I don't think). Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your patterns and plan to make some of the blocks for a Disney trip later this year. There are probably a lot of other people like me who don't keep an online presence, but still love your work. This is a good reminder to at least send you an email with pictures to show appreciation for your time and effort making the patterns.

    I know I am no-reply since I don't have a Blogspot blog, but want to just give you encouragement and say "Thanks!"

    1. Hi Anne, thanks for the comments!
      They work, but they are moderated (which means that they don't appear until I approve them :) this is to avoid spam).

      Yeah, I know that many people don't keep an online presence, and that's just fine... however since my patterns are online I guess that they know how to go online LOL :) so sending an email with a picture is the only thing I ask and I guess that 90 percent of the people that get my pattern know how to do that! :)
      I cannot wait to see what you are make with my blocks!!
      Have a wonderful day!!


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