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Friday, May 16, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Original Design - Snoopy & Friends!

If you are new here WELCOME to my blog!

If you are returning visitor SORRY I keep changing the look and pages of my blog :)
I am in the process of "beautifying" it loosely following the "Beautify your blog" @ Sew at Home Mummy so things will keep changing until I am happy with it (or tired of making changes... whichever comes first ;) )
I am not sure if this quilt will "qualify" for the Blogger's Quilt Festival this year... because I entered it last year too but since I didn't win any prize and since this year category is a better fit (I think) I will enter it and let's hope for the best ;)

This is the second post (the one for the category "Original Design").
You can find the first post (for the ROYGBIV Quilt category) here.

But for the Original Design category, this is my entry!


All these blocks were designed by me... and since it was a present for a friend of mine (and she is Italian), the quotes from the different characters are in Italian :)
Please ignore my wonky/irregular/weird quilting... I am still very new to the quilting process and I do my best... but I stopped trying to reach perfection before sharing things... I think that's a nice project even with all the imperfect lines ;)

If you are new to my blog, look around and feel free to leave me comments ;)
I am a paper piecing addicted and I share all my patterns (mostly Disney or cartoon related) here on my blog!
I have patterns to be tested (Simpsons, Alice in Wonderland, Mickey Mouse & Friends, Donald Duck & friends) and many pattern tested and ready to be enjoyed by other great quilters!!
For any question about my patterns (or if you would like to have a block of a specific character) don't hesitate to contact me (all my contact information are available in my About page)

And now drop by Amy's blog to check all those great projects!!!
On May 23rd voting will open... Mine do not stand a chance against the wonderful ones that I already spotted there... but still, it's fun to share my love for quilting with so many talented people!!!


  1. Love your charlie brown quilt. You have captured their essence.

  2. Snoopy has always been my favourite - nice to see him honoured in fabric

  3. You got it.Looks fabulous!!

  4. Wonderful! What a lucky friend you have :) I'm sure she loves it!

  5. Really like the snoopy block in the centre. It's really lovely.

  6. Your wonky quilting expresses the child in all of us!


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