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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Travelling Stash and Sneak Peek of Secret Projects ;)

I won the traveling stash!!! It's my first traveling stash!! Sooooo excited!!!

Are you not familiar with the travelling stash? It is a box filled with all sorts of fabric goodies, patterns and sewing stuff!! You can take whatever you want from the box, and then you can add items from your stash to it... and then you send it on to the next person!
In the box, there is a list of the people it paid visit to... this box has gone all over the place and it has been going around for about a year!

How does it work exactly? All the info and rules can be found at
You can go there to check where other boxes are and other giveaways that are available!

But in a nutshell the rules are:
  • You need to have a blog, and you should write a post about the box when you receive it.
  • It's only for US residents only (due to shipping cost :( )
  • You need to ship the box onward the next US resident.
And now for the fun part:

I will pick a winner (at random) on Wednesday, November 13 (12:01 p.m. EST).
To be considered for this giveaway comment on this post, letting me know that you want the box!!  you can comment about something else too, but if you don't tell me that you would like the box, I won't consider the comment for the giveaway :)

I will have the box ready to ship and I will mail as soon as I get address of the next lucky winner!!

And now a little bit about my latest crafty activities :)

Last week I told you that I am working on few secret projects...
I am too excited about them so I HAVE TO share something with you :)

So here they are:
* Secret Project 1: it's for a blog-hop... that's the only clue you will get :) -- status: done! and in use ;)
* Secret Project 2: it's for a contest... it's somehow connected to Alice in Wonderland -- status: top almost done, back half done

* Secret Project 3: it's for another contest... again somehow connected to Alice in Wonderland -- status: design phase... I am not sure I will be able to make it before the deadline... but I will try ;)
* Secret Project 4: it's for a fun even that will start next's a fandom project :) -- status: done with the research, ready to start working on my computer ;)
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    1. Wow, congrats on winning the Traveling Stash! That is always such a FUN thing to see pop up on a friend's blog. :)

      Just popped over to get links for your Mystery Quilt and couldn't resist commenting. :D

    2. I would love to win this box because I can see lots of fun fabric I would love to have and I have lots of fabric to trade with!!!

    3. FUN!!! Congrats on winning the Traveling Stash!!

      Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

      :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    4. I always want a traveling stash - it's like Christmas in a box! Thanks for the chance!!


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