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Monday, November 11, 2013

Travelling Stash reminder + other updates

Three days left to comment on my Travelling Stash post to have the chance to win this fabulous large box of goodies!!!
Go there and check it out!!!

Few updates from my weekend:
  • Secret Project 2 (Alice1) -- status: back done! batting cut and ready to be quilted!
  • Secret Project 3 (Alice2) -- decided to drop it :( the design part was not done yet and I have too many things right now so I guess it will go for a similar contest next year :)
  • Secret Project 4 (FiS) -- no progress there, but I will start the design soon
  • Secret Santa Swap -- shopping done! Ideas for a couple of handmade items, but need to start designing them
  • Block Swap -- just got the email from my partner, I will decide soon on which block to make
  • Baby quilt -- done done! I will post it soon :)
  • Sew Mama Sew, Giveaway day (Dec 9th) -- I want to participate and I need to prepare my handmade present :)
  • Christmas presents -- started putting together the list... and I will put it here soon so I can keep track of my progresses :) but 3 potholders for one lucky recipient are done (just need to sign them)!!
Except from that if you want to be updated on my progresses you can become my friend on FB :)
I will need your support/voting for the Secret Project 2 soon... so I will keep bothering you about that :)

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