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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winning numbers!

Last couple of weeks were absolutely crazy for me... look at the numbers:
168blogs in the Quilting Gallery, Blog hop with Giveaways: visited ALL and commented on most of them
1 (!!!)giveaway woooooon!!! :) @Qreative Quilts
54followers on GFC
19followers on Bloglovin'
27followers on Pinterest
13followers on Craftsy
4new Quilt-A-Long or similar on my 2014 list (more info on those to come)
93comments on my Giveaway post
11comments of no-reply-blogger that I didn't put in the drawing! sorry guys but I told you to leave me your address!!
44comments on my Black Tie Boogie blog hop post 
5 (!!!)pillows completed for my list of Christmas presents!!!
1wall-hanging for my Secret Santa Swap completed
1000000inspiring new blogs to follow :)

Sorry if I didn't reply to all the Black Tie Boogie nice comments!!
But I replied to all the comments for the giveaway and I got kind of burned out in writing emails!! :)
But I love all your nice comments!!

And now some good news and some "bad" news...
The good news:

The lucky number for my Blog Hop Party with Giveaways is: 53!
Sandy @ Kids and Sewing!
I will contact you soon to get your mailing address!

But I also had a Quilt&Stitch-Test-Along giveaway going on... and the winner for that is:
I will contact you soon to get your mailing address!

The "bad" news:
Even if I like to give away things, I realized that for my Quilt&Stitch-Test-Along nobody entered an actual tested project yet :( :( :(
so I am going to revise the rules for the last final giveaway.
Originally it was scheduled on Dec 14th, because I wanted to send it to the winner before Christmas, but since there are too few new entries (and none of them are actual tested blocks, but comments/share instead), I will move the deadline for the final drawing to February 1st, 2014, to give you all (and me too) the time to actually realize some of the blocks.

If you are in US: Happy Thanksgiving break!!
If you are not in US: Happy Week anyway :)

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations to Sandy and Billie Bee. Thank you for hosting the giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving


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