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Monday, February 18, 2013

Pattern Theft Alert

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Los Angeles Needleworks is selling PATTERNS AVAILABLE FOR FREE taken from all over the internet, including those from Fandom In Stitches and more.

Please, PLEASE support your indie designers and free patterns online and DO NOT purchase anything from them. We would very much appreciate it you could spread the word and help stop this theft.

And if you want to help doing something about it you can follow this link:

UPDATE: The theft has been stopped!! :) see

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What do you do with scraps??

I started very recently my paper-piecing passion but very very quickly I accumulated a big mass of scraps which have the most weird shape or they are so tiny that they cannot be used in classic paper-piecing patterns. Like the one in this picture...

So I looked around on the web for projects that use scraps, but what they usually call "scraps" are pretty large pieces of fabric (with slightly irregular shape) that can be easily put together into "scrappy squares"... but unfortunately my pieces are much smaller and much crazier than the ones needed for those projects! :(

The only project that I found to make a real use of the scraps (and also all left-over threads) is the following (but didn't try it yet, so I don't know if it is as "simple" as it looks :) )

So here I am, looking for your advice! 
Do you have a special project that is suitable for the kind of scraps that I usually have?
If yes, can you share your ideas in the comments below?

P.S. I finally figured it out a way of using them and go from

to the following 10.5'' squares

but I would like to hear if there are other interesting way of using the scraps! :)