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Tutorial Series 2015

All the info about the series will be collected on this page!

~ The Tutorials! ~

  1. Foundation Paper Piecing (by Janeen @

    PDF of the tutorial available HERE
    (Tutorial announcement: blogged here)

  2. Quilting (by Alida @

    PDF of the tutorial (practice pieces) available HERE
    PDF of the tutorial (main project) available HERE

    (Tutorial annoucement: blogged here)

  3. Crochet (by Pren @

    PDF of the tutorial available HERE
    (Tutorial announcement: blogged here)

  4. Pixel Quilt (by Susan @

    PDF of the tutorial available HERE
    (Tutorial announcement: blogged here)

  5. Crochet Amigurumi Pet Rock (by Karen@ theshtickido)

    PDF of the tutorial available HERE
    (Tutorial announcement: blogged here)

  6. Firefly Applique Fabric Postcard (by Kristel @ wipgirl)

    PDF of the tutorial available HERE
    (Tutorial announcement: blogged here)
  7. Cross Stitch Pincushion by Lisa (SquirrelyStitcher, Superfunhappystitch)

    PDF of the tutorial available HERE
    (Tutorial announcement: blogged here)
  8. Software tutorials
    1) Design Foundation Paper Piecing patterns
    2) Design Applique/Embroidery patterns (not working link, add comment if you want to see the tutorial)
    3) Design Cross stitching patterns (not working link, add comment if you want to see the tutorial)
    4) Create your virtual design wall (not working link, add comment if you want to see the tutorial)
    5) "Did you know" (about Quilt Assistant and Inkscape)
  9. Embroidery quote by Jordan (

    PDF of the tutorial available HERE
    (Tutorial announcement: blogged here)
~ Link party! ~ 

For rules and instruction, please refer to the section below.

~ Name and button ~

The series will be called "Stretch Your Skills" or SYS (SYS2015).

What does it mean? Well, it means that we are going to learn new skills, try new techniques, hear about tips and tricks that we may not have known about!
We will push ourselves outside our comfort zone.
There will be plenty of things to learn for everyone (beginners and experts)!!

This is going to be our button!
If you want to spread the word, feel free to grab the code and include it on your blog!!

Stretch Your Skills @

~ Schedule and contributors ~

(first Wed of each month):
  • Feb 4th: foundation paper piecing
  • Mar 4th: quilting
  • Apr 1st: crochet (1)
  • May 6th: pixelated quilt
  • June 3rd: crochet (2)
  • July 1st: applique
  • Aug 5th: cross stitching
  • Sept 2nd: knitting
  • Oct 7th: embroidery
  • Nov 4th: english paper piecing

You may be wondering: why is the series starting in February instead of January?

The answer is simple: in this series we want to fight UFOs!

Nothing against extraterrestrial entities ;) UFO in this context stands for UnFinished Objects.
I don't know about you, but I have several UFOs from the past year that are "carrying over" 2015. So to give yourself (and myself as well!!) the chance to work on those projects, to clear up the to-do list and be ready for the wonderful projects of SYS2015, I decided to leave January "free"! :)

So from February to November we will make together several amazing FO (finished objects) using all the different techniques listed above! And by December 2015 you may have a pretty big list of cute gifts ready to be handed to several lucky recipients!! :)

And who is going to teach you all these different techniques?
This is the lineup of amazing artists! (in alphabetical order, because we want to keep a little element of "surprise"):

~ Linky party rules ~

I am pretty sure that most of you are familiar with how these linky parties work...
But in case you need a refresher or you want to know more, these are the rules
  1. you can link anything that has a public url. A blog post would be the first choice, but if you don't have a blog, don't worry! there are several more options.
  2. if you are on Flickr, you can link a picture from there.
    It is not required, but if you want to share your picture on my Flickr group that would be wonderful! The pictures in that group will be more visible and clear than the ones in the linky party ;) so if you want to show off your work and get some encouragement in a community setting, our flickr group is the perfect place to do that!! However remember that you will have to enter the link in the linky party on this blog if you want to participate in the giveaway!
  3. you can link up a picture from your Facebook account (if they are public). I am not sure how this works, but if you have problems just let me know and I will find a way to help you!
  4. you can link up a picture from Instagram (read here for more instructions, I don't know anything about IG)
  5. if you don't have any of the accounts listed above, you can send me an email at tweloq[_at_]gmail[_dot_]com with the picture of your project attached. I will publish it on our Flickr group and link it up for you.
So there are no excuses, you are all invited and I am expecting a big participation!! :)

A last important note: however you choose to publish your picture, I ask you to credit the artist/designer that shared the tutorial and to put a link to the tutorial series page
somewhere in the caption/blog post.

This will help spread the word and will avoid sad instances of uncredited hard work (this is an important issue since several people I contacted to be contributors declined the invitation because they said that in the past people "stole" their work, showing it without credit or showing it as it was their own design. We don't want this to happen here, so please add the name of the designer, and a link to our tutorial series!).

~ Prizes ~

Every month, together with the new tutorial, I will announce the winner of the previous month and the new prizes!
Prizes will be all kind of things from fabric, to embroidery floss, to pattern, to coupons, to other crafty supplies that I am sure everybody here can put to good use!!

Each link in the party will count as a single entry for the drawing. If you make more than one project with the same tutorial, you can enter them as separate entries, if they are different. For example, if for a tutorial we show you how to make some coasters and you make 10 coasters and 1 table runner with the same technique, you can enter twice (one for the coasters and one for the table runner). However you will have to submit two different pictures/links for those (following one of the methods listed above).

Note: if you don't want your name to be added in the drawing but you would still like to share your work and inspire others, that's totally ok!! Just drop me an email telling me that you don't want to participate in the giveaway!

~ Email subscription ~


  1. Signed up for the emails, added the button to my blog and I look forward to starting in February and learning some new skills.

    1. Happy to hear that Cynthia!! We are going to have so much fun! :)

  2. Sounds interesting and like something that would be beneficial to lots of people.

  3. I don't have a blog or facebook but I saved you in my e-mail.


    1. No problem Jocelyne! If you want to share your projects during the year you can just send me an email with a picture and I can add it to the link up for you! Hope you will join the fun!


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