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Free Patterns

All my free (tested) patterns are available on this page.
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Memory Quilt 2 (various cartoon/games/anime characters I loved):

Lupin and Fujiko
  (From Lupin The Third)
Pattern (COL, B&W)
Guybrush and Elaine
  (from The Secret of Monkey Island)
Pattern (COL)

The Full Disney Mystery Quilt (blogged here):

  The Tower
  The Sugar Pot
  The Crown
**  the initial pattern I used to piece
together my block (on the left) is 
different from the final one in the PDF,
 because I realized that the crown was
too small compared with the size of the 
block itself. So I modified the pattern
 to make the crown bigger. I didn't test 
the new pattern with the bigger crown. 
I don't think there are major problems
 in that, but if you find any error,
 let me know!
  The Squirrels
  The Wise Fish
  Archimedes on the Hat

 The Future King

 Madam Mim

 Upside Down Archimedes

 Madam Mim Face

 Merlin back from the Barbados

 Arthur having tea

Wizard's Duel

 Sir Ector

 Sir Kay

 King Arthur

 The Sword In The Stone

Peanuts characters (full wall hanging quilt, blogged HERE)

Snoopy and Woodstock

 Lucy van Pelt

Charlie Brown

Sally Brown

Linus Van Pelt

Franklin Armstrong

Peppermint Patty

Tested by Bea @
Tested by Bea @


Maleficent (Angelina)
12''x12'' (finished)
Downton Abbey
Wizard of Oz
Emerald City

The Crow

 Betty Boop

Minion 1

Minion 2
Tested by Tiffany @sewlongsanity

The Fault in Our Stars
- Block designed for
Fandom In Stitches
Design Challenge

  Lo (PDF pattern: TweLoQ_LovePattern_part1.pdf)  
  ve (PDF pattern: TweLoQ_LovePattern_part2.pdf)

  Tweety (PDF pattern: TweLoQ_Tweety.pdf)
  Treble Clef (PDF pattern: TweLoQ_MusicSign1.pdf)